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14 year old Boy selling Dahi Kachori in Mani Nagar to help his parents, goes viral people show huge response

Sep 28, 2021

Often hardships in life force people to change directions or pace of their everyday lives and a recent viral video of a 14-year-old boy in Ahmedabad has given us yet another reality check about the grim possibilities of life. But the video is also about how one as young as the teenaged boy is fighting to survive amid challenges that life throws at him. A viral video of a young street food vendor from Ahmedabad has moved the internet which shows the young boy selling ‘Dahi Kachori’ at his roadside stall in Ahmedabad.

Shared on social media by food blogger Doyash Pathrabe of Nagpur, the clip showed the young boy preparing Dahi Kachori at a roadside makeshift stall opposite Maninagar Railway station.

The young boy who spoke to Pathrabe had tears in his eyes as he prepares the food for the consumers.

Pathrabe shared the video and wrote on social media, “Do help him. He is just 14 years old and selling Dahi Kachori only at Rs 10. Opposite Maninagar Railway station, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. So so proud. Need this to be shared and help him. He is just 14 and is helping his family and working hard on it.”

Social media users urged locals in and around the city to visit the boy to help him.

“Bhagwan is chote bhai ko both both khush aur kamyaab bnaye,” (May God make this young boy both happy and successful) wrote one.

“Just help him out ! i can feel the hardwork of this kid going soon here,” wrote another.

“Need to share. this he is just 14,” wrote yet another user.

An unverified video on Twitter later shared saw many people thronging to the stall to eat kachoris from the young boy’s stall.

The influence of social media is out there for everyone to see. Last year during the early months of coronavirus lockdown, an elderly couple running a food stall in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. A YouTuber Gaurav Wasan shared a video of Kanta Prasad and his wife Badaami Devi struggling to make ends meet in their roadside eatery. The video went viral and ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ became an overnight success with hundreds of people making huge lines outside the eatery to buy their food, click selfies and donate money. Prasad had opened a new restaurant and was also able to settle all his debts and buy smartphones for himself and his family. However, the restaurant was unsuccessful and shut down later as the couple had to come back to their old eatery once again.

Kanta Prasad’s story isn’t the only one that was affected by social media. Gaurav Wasan back in August also shared another heartrending video of an elderly woman running a juice stall in Amritsar that went viral.

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