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Violence erupts in Bengal post election results. People take it out on Twitter

May 4, 2021
Shops and home vandalised in Bengal. Image source @ani on Twitter

After the victory in election we have seen people celebrating with crackers. But have you seen any party celebrating by killing their opposition party workers. This the case were TMC workers are openly killing BJP workers. On Sunday TMC won in West Bengal. But from that day BJP offices have been attacked, workers killed and homes are looted. As if now 9 official murders of BJP workers has been reported. BJP is blaming TMC. Many videos have come out where TMC workers are seen vandalising BJP workers houses and shops. Yet TMC has said it’s not their workers.

BJP national president JP Nadda will be visiting West Bengal for 2 days. He said that will meet all the injured people and families which were attacked.

Violence in West Bengal is raising high. While BJP has announced that they will be on Nation Wide Dharna on 5th of May. Till now 9 murders have been reported of BJP workers in West Bengal. While two women’s have been gang raped. Many womens have been molested. The blood politics is been played in West Bengal.

There is a feeling of helplessness when you receive desperate calls from BJP supporters in Tarakeshwar. hose houses are being smashed by goons as political retribution. The police have retreated into the thanas & it is free for all. Is there any rule of law & democracy in Bengal. Tweets the candidate from Tarakeshwar Sawapn Dasgupta

Even ABVP office was attacked in West Bengal. ABVP State Office in Kolkata, West Bengal attacked by TMC goons! Since ABVP calls out the politics of hate by Mamata Banerjee & her minions, TMC goons resorted to violence and vandalised @ABVPBanga Office. After coming back to power, this is how TMC goons plan to curb dissent. Tweeted ABVP

Attack on ABVP and BJP chief continues…..

This didn’t stop here the TMC goons even vandalised idols of God’s. More than 20 TMC goons barged into ABVP Office & attacked karyakartas including National Joint Organising Secretary @shriniwas_hr Ji, Zonal Org Secy @iGovindaNayak, Zonal Jt Org Secy @apangshuabvp & CWC member Suman Chandra Das. Idols of deities & thought leaders were vandalised.

After TMC’s victory yesterday, more than 150 bikes of TMC goons were circling around ABVP Office several times. This makes us believe today’s attack was preplanned, and is only a glimpse of what next five years hold in store for people who oppose Mamata Banerjee and her politics. ABVP tweeted after the attack on their State Office in Kolkata West Bengal.

The list of BJP workers who lost their lives till now. Shova Rani Mondal, Uttam Ghosh, Abhijit Sarkar, Horom Adhikari, Momik Moitra, Gourab Sarkar – BJP workers who paid with their lives after Trinamool’s landslide victory. This is Bengal’s reality. While still more names to be added. Haringhata mandal chief of @BJP4India was also attacked.

chief of BJP4India

Not only BJP workers were attacked but even Congress workers were attacked. People took this out on social media and demanded president rule in West Bengal. With hastags #BengalBurning #PresidentRuleinBengal

The Home Ministry has asked the Governor of West Bengal to create a report on post election violence and killings. The Governor had called all the respected personals and told them to give report. But unfortunately the report was submitted by the ADGP police of Bengal to Home Minister of Bengal. But the home minister is not forwarding the reports to Governor.

If you are in West Bengal and if you want the nation to see the atrocities created on you. Feel free to mail our team @teamtherightmag@gmail.com . Mail us the atrocities created on you and we will cover while the mainstream media won’t.

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