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Video : Man named Abdul attacks Hindu neighbours with Iron rod & Hammer over garbage issue

Apr 6, 2022

In a shocking incident, an infuriated man, identified as Abdul, went on a rampage against his neighbours residing in the same locality for allegedly keeping garbage outside his house.

According to the reports, the incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur, where a man named Abdul attacked his neighbours with a stick and hammer for allegedly placing garbage outside his house.

The video was shared by journalist Rohan Dua, in which it was seen that one man identified as Abdul, along with his family, thrashing his neighbours. Abdul and his family members mercilessly beat up ladies over garbage issues.

Shockingly, the bystanders were also thrashed by Abdul and his family. One person recording the act was also seen brutally thrashed by Abdul.

Case filed and accused arrested, informs Mirzapur Police

As the video of Abdul and his family’s attack on their neighbours started doing the rounds on the internet, Mirzapur Police took cognisance of the viral video and issued a response on Twitter. In its tweet, Mirzapur stated that a case has already been filed and 3 accused had been arrested. The police also clarified that both the victims and assailants belonged to the same community.

On the basis of the complaint filed by the plaintiff on 17.01.2022 at Koktra police station, a case has been registered under relevant sections, in which three accused have been arrested and action has been taken as per the rules, both the parties belong to the same community,” the police said.

As per the police, the incident took place in January, but it appears like the video of the same went viral now.

Note: The report has been updated as per latest information in the case.

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