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Two students harassed by teacher for wearing Rudraaksh and applying Vibhuti in Tamil Nadu’s government aided school

Oct 16, 2021

In an appalling incident, it has come to light that a teacher at a government-aided Christian school in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu reportedly harassed and thrashed two students for wearing Hindu symbols like rudraksh and vibhudhi (sacred ash).

A complaint filed by the parents of the two children with the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Special Cell mentions that their wards studying in class 10 at the CSI Anderson Higher Secondary School in Kanchipuram were mercilessly beaten by their class teacher named Joyson for sporting a rudraksh and having vibhudhi smeared in their foreheads.

The complaint states that the teacher have warned them to not wear the rudraksh or vibhudhi adding that only immoral and undisciplined people wear such symbols.

The complaint also alleges that the teacher Joyson did not allow them inside the class if they wore the Hindu symbols and even went on to beat them in their backs.

He had also asked other students in the class to knock on the heads of these two boys who had sported the Hindu symbols.

The parents of the two boys allege that they stopped going to school due to the constant physical and verbal harassment.

They have petitioned the Chief Minister to take action against the school management and the teacher for putting their wards to such inhumane treatment.

AIADMK Spokesperson and Chennai Zonal Secretary of the party’s IT Wing condemned the incident in his social media post.

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