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Temple Chariot set on fire on Tamil Nadu, accused Mohammad Khan trashed by locals

Sep 27, 2021
Accused Mohammad Khan who set Temple Chariot on fire.

A Muslim man identified as Mohammad Khan tried to set fire to a temple chariot in the village of V. Kalathur near Veppanthattai in Perambalur district.

At around 7 AM, the Muslim man reportedly from Valikandapuram tried to break the lock of the shed of two temple chariots in the village and set them on fire.

Villagers who were in the vicinity were shocked to find the fire engulfing the temple chariots. They rushed to douse the fire and nabbed Mohammad Khan.

The villagers thrashed Mohammad Khan and started inquiring about why he did it to which he says “Chumma than koluthinen. (I set fire simply just for the sake of it).”

In a video that is now viral on social media, the Muslim man says that he wanted to see what is inside and hence set the chariot on fire.

It has been lying closed for a long time. The court has given order to not open it. I broke in to see why the court gave such an order.” he says.

My father’s name is Khader Khan and my name is Mohammad Khan. What other details you want?” he responds to a villager when confronted.

When asked at what time he came and set fire, Mohammad Khan asks the villagers to check the CCTV camera and let them know it for themselves. “I set it on fire in broad day light”, he says.

“I went there to set the temple chariot on fire. I only set it on fire. If you let me, I will set it on fire even now.” the man keeps repeating.

The incident has caused shock among the people of the area. The villagers have handed over the man to the police.

Hindu Munnani has alleged that the Tamil Nadu police is trying to mislead the case saying that the man is mentally ill. The organization has announced protest if proper investigation is not conducted.

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