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Target Hindus festivals, block bed in hospital, let people die congress toolkit

May 18, 2021

Today social media was on fire after a tool kit related to Congress was released. This toolkit was aimed to disrupt the Health facility in India and target Modi. It also said to get in touch with international media to spread. It also said that let international meida spread this. And to stay in touch with international journalists as they have influence on Indian’s more than anyone.

In the toolkit main aim was to spread the lie that Hindu Festival Kumbh was a super spreader. They gave special terms Kumbh Mela Super Spreader. And it was successful as international media houses such as Al Jazeera, Reuters and many other had used the same. But all these international media were asked to be silent on Eid as it was seen they were. Even after thousands were gathered in masjid for Eid all the media houses were silent as they were paid to be. If we go according to toolkit.

Let people die register beds for Congress

The toolkit had also mentioned that the friendly hospital of Congress shall have beds registered for them. So that when any needy tags @IYC Indian youth Congress the Congress shall provide beds for them. In turn the candidate shall mention that it’s all spreading due to gathering in Kumbh Mela. But the reality tells us that when there was Kumbh gathering there were corona cases such as hundred but after 15 days it raised.

The Indian Congress aimed to display a improper management of Corona by Government. When they knew hundreds of People were going to die but they wanted the Hindus and Indian government should be damaged.

Manage distance from Eid and target Kumbh

It clearly siad that the Hindus must be targeted for Kumbh Mela. Cause Hindus are the core voters of BJP but stay away from Eid. The Congress people should not comment on Eid gathering and mange their distance from Eid. Cause their majority votes Muslim wil be saddened. The international media was also told to do so. And the toolkit was successful. Until BJP leader Sambit Patra exposed it in media.

Target Twitter trend and write to government

The toolkit has also told that there must be social media trends like missing Amith Shah, Rajnath Singh sidelined. In which missing Amith Shah was trended last week. And the government must to questioned with letters now and then. Which was seen as Soniya Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had written the same. It was all planned to defame India and defame Kumbh.

Other targets were ;

  • Contact international celebrities to defame India.
  • Defame Hindus and their festival
  • Write articles about how Kumbh and Hindus spreading Corona
  • Congress must stay away from Eid gathering comment
  • Central vista project to be targeted in Gujarat
  • International media were Hindu festival were defamed The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal Washington Post
  • Use drastic pictures to defame government
  • Target from those handles which looks as if it was of BJP
  • Use magazine and cover pages to show government missing

While the Congress has said that it’s not their toolkit and they will FIR ( All image credit Opindia)

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