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Subramanian Swamy makes shocking claims about 26/11 !

Dec 3, 2021

BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramaniam Swamy has made a sensational claims about the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008. He tweeted about the motives behind the terrorist attacks.

Swami tweeted, ‘*Utterly shocking: *RVS Mani, the then Under Secretary, MoH in UPA Govt during 26/11 days,*, confesses openly on what happened exactly behind-the-doors during the Mumbai terror attacks by Pakistani Ajmal Kasab & Co.in 2008. It was an TDK cum Pak job.

Everyone knows that Pakistan is behind the Mumbai attacks. However, it is not clear who Swami finally targeted by writing the name of TDK. Mani, whom Swamy has named, has already questioned the UPA government’s stance on the Mumbai attacks. Two years ago, Mani alleged that the attack was a fix match between Pakistan and the then UPA government.

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