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SP leader Abdul Farooqi molests a Lady food officer, SP MLA gets the leader released on political power

Sep 29, 2021

Local MLA Haji Ikram, also from SP, has come out in support of Farooqi and is reportedly trying to get the complaint withdrawn.

A lady food inspector was molested, misbehaved with and threatened by Samajwadi Party (SP) councilor Abdul Karim Farooqi who owns a dairy in Moradabad, UP. Complaining to police SSP, the victim narrated her ordeal while crying profusely.

According to reports, the food inspector narrated that she was doing routine checking of local food vendors in Moradabad on September 17. When she went to the dairy run by Abdul Karim Farooqi and demanded registration papers needed for running the establishment, Abdul Farooqi got aggressive and touched her inappropriately.

He threatened her and called in his supporters and used derogatory language against her. The words he used were “kamre me band karke batau kaise checking hoti hai?” (should I lock you in a room and show how to do checking?)

The woman called police to her rescue. Farooqi was promptly arrested along with his henchmen. Later, MLA Haji Ikram went to the police station and managed to get the accused released due to his political muscle.

When the survivor saw no action being taken by police due to local political pressure, she escalated the matter to higher officials. In the meeting with the SSP the survivor gave details of the incident and demanded justice, crying bitterly.

She alleged that despite her complaint, local police is not taking any action against the accused while she herself is being coerced into withdrawing the complaint by councilor Farooqi. She is under tremendous pressure and is being mentally harassed despite being victim of molestation and indecency.

After hearing the details, SSP called SHO Kapil Kumar and reprimanded him for his lack of action. He also gave police protection to the woman and got the dairy sealed. He has given instructions to arrest all the persons mobbing the food inspector, as can be seen in the video of the incident.

Meanwhile the lady food inspector has alleged that SP MLA Haji Ikram Qureshi is also forcing her to withdraw the complaint repeatedly. Haji Ikram Qureshi already has two cases against him related to attempt to murder, voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from duty, cheating and dishonesty among other charges. In 2012, his supporters were caught on camera throwing money in the air during a victory procession and then mocking a policeman by snatching his cap.

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