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Shocking Black, White and Yellow fungus in a single patient!

May 24, 2021

Today a news was reported that a patient was identified with Yellow fungus in Uttar Pradesh. The patient was admitted in Ghaziabad BP Tyagi hospital. The doctor reported that when endoscopy was performed in him he was reported to be infected by Black, White and Yellow fungus all together. Normally Yellow fungus is not reported in Humans but only in reptiles.

A 45-yr-old patient’s sinus was normal in CT scan . But after performing endoscopy we came to know that he contracted 3 types of fungi (Black, White & Yellow). Yellow fungus is generally found in reptiles. I found this first time in human: Dr BP Tyagi, ENT specialist said to Ani

There’s no reference in any journal about this. It can be cured by Amphotericin B but it takes time to heal the wound as compared to White & Black fungi. The patient is in Septicemia but he is not well. We’re giving him medicine. Admn assured us for Amphotericin B: Dr BP Tyagi.

Symptoms of Yellow fungus

Lethargy, Low appetite or no appetite and weight loss. In severe conditions Yellow fungus may cause leakage of pus , slow healing of the open wounds and slow healing of all other wounds. Malnutrition and organ failure and sunken eyes due to eventual necrosis.

Yellow fungus is fatal cause it starts internally and there fore it’s important that you get treated as soon as you notice symptoms.

The only treatment for Yellow fungus is Amphotericin B injection which is one of the broad spectrum antifungal injection.

Causes of Yellow fungus

Any fungal infection is caused due to bad hygiene. So does this spreads from bad hygiene. It is important to keep enclosure around your house clean as clean as possible. Remove old foods and fecal matter as soon as possible. To reduce the growth of the fungus and bacteria

Humidity of the house is also much important cause high humidity can cause the growth of bacteria in your home. So it’s necessary to maintain humidity between 39-40%. High humidity can cause growth of bacteria but low humidity is good so maintain a low humidity as much as possible

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