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SHO Bhardwaj suspended after video of him bullying citizens goes viral

Aug 11, 2021
Delhi’s SHO Bhardwaj suspended, video of him bullying people protesting against mazar on flyover had gone viral

Delhi Adarsh Nagar SHO CP Bhardwaj has been suspended for lack of duty compliance and in view of several complaints against him.

Earlier this month, a video had gone viral where he could be seen bullying citizens who were protesting against a mazar that had appeared over a flyover in Delhi’s Azadpur area which caused problems to commuters.

Sikandar, who manages the mazar, claimed that this mazar was built before 1950, and his grandfather and father also managed the mazar. He added that there is a mazar under the flyover with the grave of a Pir baba, and the one that is above the flyover was built later around 1982-83. When that reporter told him that the flyover didn’t exist in 1982, he claimed that it was built when the construction of the flyover had started, which according to him had started in 1982. He further claimed that no construction had taken place since 2009.

Illegal construction of Mazar on the fly over

It may be noted that while Sikandar claimed that the mazar was built on the flyover in around 1982-83, the fact is that the flyover was opened to traffic only in 2009. And the construction for the flyover didn’t start in 1982 as he is claiming. The flyover was built to ease traffic movement during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

People have a complaint of heavy traffic jams due to the allegedly illegal construction, but the administration has failed to take any action.

Suspension not related to bullying video over mazar

According to reports, the suspension of the SHO does not have anything to do with the video in which he could be seen bullying. Police sources have told some media houses that there were various complaints against him because of which SHO CP Bhardwaj has been suspended. However, as per sources, due to the mazar incident, he caught the eye of the senior officials.

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