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Shabuddin burnt his wife Izhaar alive as she was unable to provide the money he wanted as “Dowry”

Mar 19, 2021

Bengaluru: An women was burnt alive in Sulibele village as she was unable to provide the Dowry. According to Police Izhaar hailed from Kolar’s Kyaalnur village as daughter of S. Fyaaz Ahmed. On November 2020 Izhaar was wedded to Shabuddin who hailed from Sulibele.

Shabuddin who was fruit vender had got costly gifts as his Dowry after wedding. But his greed never fulfilled. He used to beat his wife and order to bring cash from her Dad. As Fyaaz Ahmed had lended the from others he couldn’t arrange cash for his daughter. Shabuddin demanded money again on Wednesday and Izhaar showed some courage and said No. So Shabuddin sprinkled petrol on Izhaar and burnt her alive. She shouted for help and neighbor’s did come for her help. But on the way to hospital Izhaar lost the battle.

FIR has been registered on the request of Fyaaz and Shabuddin, his mother Yaaseem, his father Allah Baksh, sister Sumeera Taz , Gram Panchayat Development officer D. S. Mahaboob and on others the case has been registered and Police are in their search

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