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Read how Hinduphobs targeted NASA for Posting a Hindu Intern Pic

Jul 11, 2021

NASA had started to accept the interns from 10th of July . It had posted a tweet with a photo of four interns ( most probably of last year) belonging to different regions. But liberals of India were offended by a Proud Indian NASA intern who had posted a pic of her with Idols of Lord. NASA had promoted their intern advertising with her pic to. The pic had Idols of Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati and more. But the Anti Hindus and Hinduphobic Liberal started questioning NASA for posting a picture of the girl with Hindu Gods.

Many Indian who are proud of their roots are also trolled the same way for following their Religion. While they call themselves a secular and oppose Hindus, they follow their culture but oppose others. Well this is not the first time that Hinduphobia is seen even . Few months ago When a Proud Hindu Girl who had won the students election in foreign country. And she was mentally harassed by a Indian origin Professor cause she had pics of Her parents with Lord Ram.

A Twitter handle named Mission Ambedkar with a verified badge by Twitter said that ” After seeing this they say, Science ka Naash Kardiya NASA ne. ” You can clearly see their mentality. And still they say they are followers of Ambedkar.

Another verified account from Twitter said that ” Why does a Hindu Kid needs to be surrounded by a God and Goddess. Can’t we do anything with them? Well some shit people have shitty mentality we can’t help them. But we would like to say that We are Proud of our Roots. And everyone should be!.

Here are some Screen Shots showing the Tweets of Hindu Phobs

For these people everyone who follow Hinduism is a right wing. Basically in hate of a single party they started to hate a whole religion.

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