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Read how arrogance of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is starving poor people

Jun 6, 2021
Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

Today Arvind Kejriwal had as usually appeared on TV for a press conference. He said that we want to provide ration to people. Kejriwal said that we want to deliver rations to home of people. He added if Pizza can be home delivered than why can’t we delivery ration to their doors. The idea is good and indeed must be implemented but here is what we must know. The background 🤦‍♂️

As usual it’s clear that when an party ruling in Delhi helds a conference it’s the opposition will say that guy did this shit the wrong way. Leave those stuffs.

BJP Spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra had conducted a live press meet today at 12;30 pm. He said many thing’s and many things again will be spoken by the Aam Admi Party but we need to highlight these points to you. Soo read on now carefully and share it on Social media accounts.

The way Arvind Kejriwal said in his press conference it was like the people in Delhi are been denied their ration right. But here is the truth. Ration is been provided to the people of Delhi under the National Food Security Act. And under Pradhanmantri Garib Kalyan and other schemes.

Now If they have sent the ration it might be in low amount and that might be the reason Delhi CM is asking to Central Government.

Here’s the fact Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Other Yojana, 72,782 metric tonnes of food grains have been sent to Delhi over and above the fixed quota till May and June 5. Delhi has been able to lift only about 53,000 metric tonnes of food grains so far and only 68 percent of it has been distributed to the public.

What’s wrong if Arvind Kejriwal wants to distribute more Ration to poor?

Well that is one good thing. But now Arvind Kejriwal wants to give doorstep delivery of ration but he cannot distribute the ration provided by the centre. Nearly 60 % percent of the food grains has been distributed in the month of May. Which means his arrogance on One Nation One Ration Card is starving poor people to death. The act of One Nation One Ration Card is brought in Nation but the CM of Delhi had said it with an attitude we will distribute his own ration card and ration will be provided by the Central government. Now government had given to chance to Luqifiy all the ration cards. Well that’s what you must know about One Nation One ration card.

Now the difficulty stands is if he can’t distribute the 100% of the ration provided by Modi yet he wants more for free . Central government buys Wheat for 23 rupee while it sells to Delhi at just 2 rupee. Now center has said we can’t give you more the 100% quota is full. And they need to look after other states too.

Now Mr. CM of Delhi if wants to advertise his name as an Savior of Difficult times he needs to deliver ration to the people’s houses. But he will have to buy extra ration at 23 rupee from the direct mandis. But he won’t and can’t cause he needs that money in Advertising and Faming his name.

Just maintain his name he wants the people to starve but he wouldn’t know that people will be aware of his game.

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