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Rajasthan,Jhalawar; Hindu boy Krishna Valmiki killed by Sagar Qureshi, Imran , Rais and others

Jul 7, 2021
Video Which went viral. Where Krishna Valmiki was lynched by Sagar Qureshi, Imran and others

Krishna Valmiki, who was seriously injured in a deadly attack on Haldighati Road on July 1, due to mutual enmity between the two parties, died on Tuesday during treatment in Jaipur. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, police force has been deployed in Jhalawar and Jhalrapatan after receiving the information about the death.

On the other hand, the Kotwali police arrested the remaining five accused of the deadly attack on Tuesday. Krishna Valmiki, a resident of Mochi Mohalla of Jhalrapatan, was attacked with weapons by Sagar Qureshi, a resident of Surajpol Darwaza area, along with a dozen companions on Haldighati Road to avenge the attack on him. Due to which Krishna was admitted to Jhalawar Government District Hospital in critical condition

Where there was no improvement in the condition, the doctors had referred him to Jaipur. Krishna died on Tuesday due to treatment. District Superintendent of Police Dr. Kiran Kang Sidhu told that on July 1, a resident of Jhalrapatan was attacked on the Haldi Ghati Road of the city with the intention of killing Krishna. Sagar Qureshi, the main accused in the attack, was arrested earlier, the rest have been arrested on Tuesday and sent to jail.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar said on Tuesday that Sagar Qureshi was attacked by a group in Jhalrapatan. After he recovered, the other faction attacked. After this, Sagar Qureshi again attacked the Krishna faction on Haldi Ghati Road. All the six accused have been arrested and sent to jail. Krishna, who was injured in the attack, died during treatment in Jaipur.

Now on the basis of the post-mortem report, research will be done by adding the section of murder in the case. The accused in the whole incident are habitual offenders of committing serious offences. The process of opening the history sheet of the accused Sagar Qureshi, Raees alias Kalu, Imran alias Sanu, Akhtar Ali, Ravi, Ishu alias Burhan Qureshi is going on, the remaining five accused of the incident, Rais alias Kalu resident

The process of opening the history sheet of Imran alias Shanu, Akhtar Ali, Ravi, Ishu alias Burhan Qureshi is underway, the remaining five accused of the incident, Raees alias Kalu resident Suraj Pol Jhalrapatan, Imran alias Shanu resident Surajpol Jhalrapatan, Sohail resident Mirchi Gali Bada Bazar Jhalawar, Shahid Qureshi resident Kasai Mohalla Gagron Road Jhalawar, Akhtar Ali resident Nimbari Gate Jhalrapatan were arrested. In view of the incident, the police are alert in Jhalrapatan and Jhalawar.

A video was also made viral by the accused after beating. In which the accused ran away after getting the victim Krishna out of the car and beaten up badly. The administration swung into action after getting information about the death. In view of mutual enmity, the administration deployed police force at various intersections of the town including Bus Stand, Surajpol Gate, Mauchi Mohalla. Sub-divisional officers and police officers visited the town and took stock of the situation.

On the other hand, a special Japta has also been deployed in Jhalawar. Assistant Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar said that the accused of attack on Haldi Ghati Road on Krishna Harijan of Jhalrapatan have been brought by the police from jail on production warrant. All the accused are in police custody. They are being interrogated intensively, whoever is involved in the incident will be arrested. The person who made the video viral is being identified, he will also be arrested after registering a case of 302

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