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Rajasthan, Barmer ; A Sadhu brutally beaten, video goes viral!!

Aug 19, 2021
Image from the video which went viral. Image courtesy New18.

In Barmer, the matter of assault with a monk has started heating up again on social media. Retired IAS Sanjay Dixit has tweeted its video and asked the police to take action. Police say that the accused has already been arrested after the video went viral

Recently, in the Siwana police station area of ​​Barmer district located on the Indo-Pak border in western Rajasthan, a case of assault with a sadhu has been covered in social media. The video of this incident of assault has been shared by retired IAS Sanjay Dixit on his Twitter handle. After that it has been retweeted almost two and a half thousand times. In his tweet, Dixit told the police that such an incident will not be tolerated. Police should take immediate action in this matter. Sanjay Dixit himself was the collector of Barmer district from 1994-1996.

At the same time, the Barmer police say that as soon as the video went viral, he got it confirmed and arrested the accused on charges of disturbing the peace. On the other hand, the victim sadhu has not given any complaint against the accused. It is being told that the victim sadhu has pardoned the accused. So far, it has not been disclosed what caused the beating.

The case is related to Harinath Samdhi located in Meli village.

According to the information, the matter is related to Harinath Samadhi located in Meli village of Siwana police station area. Three-four days ago, a drunkard beat up Sadhu Nareshnath, who lived there, half-naked him. Later the video of this incident went viral. When the viral video came in front of the police, he got it investigated. Taking cognizance of this, the police arrested Gilaram Meghwal, the accused of assault, on charges of breach of peace. Later on he was given bail.

It is again heating up on social media, Barmer Superintendent of Police Anand Sharma says that after the video went viral, the accused Gilaram Meghwal was arrested for breach of peace after getting it confirmed. The victim sadhu has not registered any case with the police in this regard. With inputs from News18.

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