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Raipur Municipality workers Cary Ganesh Idols in garbage & seen throwing the Idols

Sep 22, 2021
Raipur Municipality workers throwing away Ganesha Idols.

The 10-day grand festival of Ganesh Chaturthi did not end well for the residents of Raipur. Just ahead of Ganesh visarjan, the municipality had imposed several restrictions and ‘Covid guidelines’ owing to the ongoing pandemic.

The municipality had released a notification detailing multiple restrictions while assuring to offer complete support. In its release, it urged the public to conduct Ganpati visarjan only at a few dedicated spots chosen by the municipality and also offered support to conduct the visarjan.

However, on Monday a video went viral on social media where the municipality workers were seen carrying the Ganesh idols in unclean garbage trucks. In another video that garnered sharp criticism, the municipality workers can be seen throwing the Ganesh idols into the pond from the truck stationed at least 10 feet away. 

Upset with the incident, the locals protested and sloganeered in front of mayor Aijaz Dhebar. 

‘Raipur municipality should not have taken the responsibility’

As per the issued guideline, the municipality went around collecting small idols of Ganesh idols from home to conduct visarjan at an artificial pond created at Mahadev ghat.

Ganesh Idols being carried in garbage trucks

For this, the municipality made use of garbage trucks hurting the sentiments of the devotees. Local opposition corporator Meenal Choubey lashed out at the municipality saying ‘why did they take the responsibility when they were incapable of fulfilling it?’

“People who worshipped the idol for ten days could have participated in the visarjan themselves. But since the municipality had assured complete support, they trusted them with the ritual and handed over the murtis to them. However, there was no arrangement or management for the festival by the municipality,” said a BJP leader.

Several other BJP leaders like Mrityunjay Dubey protested against disrespect meted out by the municipality workers post which the workers apologized and assured to be careful. 

Mayor assures action

Action has been initiated against three municipality workers who have been suspended from duty. After being gheraoed by the enraged public, Dhebar has assured to look into the matter. He also promised the public to work towards the management.

In April this year, Dhebar’s nephew was caught violating Covid-19 norms and threatening a cop when opposed. Reportedly, he had dialled his uncle to come to his rescue after misbehaving with the cops.

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