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Punjabi lyricist Jaani injured in an road accident, here’s What happened

Jul 20, 2022

Popular Punjabi lyricist and singer Jaani Johan suffered injuries in a road mishap on Tuesday evening. His car crashed into a SUV in Mohali, Punjab, injuring him as well as two other persons he was travelling with.

The police say the reason behind the accident is possibly jumping a red signal, due to which the said collision occurred between the SUV and Ford Figo, reported DNA. The collision was reportedly so powerful that the cars flipped multiple times. The people involved in the accident escaped with relatively minor injuries thanks to their vehicles’ air bags.

Jaani is said to have suffered injuries on his neck and back, IANS said in its report. The singer-lyricist was sitting in the back with a friend, while the third person was driving the vehicle.

After the reports about Jaani’s accident began to circulate, his fans wished for his speedy recovery. Later, Jaani himself took to social media to give a statement in Punjabi regarding the same. Sharing that he is doing better and suffered only minor wounds, the singer captioned his post, “Ajj akha’n ne Maut Vekhi,,Par Fer BAABE NANAK nu vekheya,,,So ajj MAUT te RAB dono ikathe vekhe….Main te mere Dost theek aa’n ,just minor injuries 🙏🏻 Duaa ch yaad rakheyo #JAANI (I saw death with my eyes today but then glimpsed God. So I saw death and God together. I and my friends are fine, we just have minor injuries. remember us in your prayers).” He also shared another statement, which read, “With the grace of almighty, we all present in the car at that time are fine. The authorities are doing due diligence in the matter, and we have been discharged from the hospital. Waheguru ne rakh le. Waheguru da shukr hai.”

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