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Only Halal Meat will be allowed for Indian Cricket Players says BCCI, people slam BCCI for its discrimination

Nov 23, 2021

The Indian Cricket Team is reportedly following a diet plan, which excludes pork and beef in any form, and includes only halal-certified meat for consumption, a report published by Sports Tak said.

The new diet plan was drawn up after the humiliating performance of the Indian cricket team during the recently concluded T-20 International World Cup, where India could not qualify for the semis for the first time since its inception in 2007.

Following their embarrassing run at the world cup and after Rahul Dravid became the head coach, with Rohit Sharma captaining the side, players of the Indian Cricket Team have been asked to follow a strict diet plan, which entails the exclusion of pork and beef in any form, in a bid to keep them fit and healthy.

They have been reportedly instructed that those who wished to have meat, can consume only halal-certified meat, with a complete ban on any other form of meat consumption.

It all started when BCCI circulated their new order to adhere to a stringent food regimen for the Indian cricket team. Netizens were outraged when reports surfaced that the Indian players had been ordered to adhere to this rather restricted diet plan.

They will be forbidden to consume pig or beef in any manner. Some fans were irritated by the fact that the players are only permitted to eat ‘halal’ meat and nothing else.

For the unversed, there are two ways to slaughter an animal.

The ‘Halal’ method involves cutting the animal and allowing it to bleed out slowly, whereas the ‘Jhatka’ approach involves slaughtering the animal all at once.

In Hinduism and Sikhism, eating Halal meat is forbidden, but Muslims eat only Halal meat and abstain from eating any other type of meat.

According to Sports Tak, the team has been ordered not to consume pork and that “If anyone wants to have meat then it should be only in halal form, players can’t eat any other form of meat whatsoever.”

The BCCI maintains that this is to keep players fit and healthy for upcoming International Cricket Council (ICC) events and key series.

Netizens have taken to Twitter to express their outrage on the reports surfaced online where players had been ordered to adhere to this restricted diet plan, as they accused BCCI for promoting Halal meat.

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