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Six year girl and her grandmother dies from thirst in Rajasthan Pali

Jun 8, 2021
Image of the Anjali and her grand mother who died from thirst

In Raniwada police station area of ​​Jalore district, an old lady along with her 5-year-old granddaughter (Dohiti) went out on foot to meet her relative’s house. The journey was about 12 kms. But the heat intensified as the day progressed. A 5-year-old innocent died in agony due to non-availability of water on the deserted unpaved road. The old lady also fainted in the scorching heat.

According to the information, Vriddha Sukhidevi, a resident of Dungri under Raniwada Tehsil, is Pehar in Raipur near Mandar in Sirohi district. Sukhidevi had gone to Pehar with her 5-year-old granddaughter (Dohiti). Seeing the cold weather on Sunday 6th June, she along with her five-year-old granddaughter left the house on foot to go back to her sister. Had covered a distance of about 10-12 kms, during which the heat intensified in the afternoon. The old lady did not even have a water bottle and the road she was passing was a sandy unpaved road.

Due to the scorching heat, due to lack of water, the old woman and the girl suffered from dehydration and both fell unconscious. After a long time a shepherd passing there saw the woman and called Surajwada Sarpanch Krishnakumar Purohit. Later the police also reached the spot, but by then the girl had died. The woman was given water by the police and admitted to the hospital for treatment. Raindrops helped the old woman’s crumbling breath Describing her ordeal, the woman said that due to scorching heat.

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Describing the incident, the woman said that due to the scorching heat, both of them had fallen unconscious. He could not understand anything, but after a long time the sky started raining lightly, which gave him some relief and saved his life, but by then his granddaughter had died.

Death due to dehydration in summer

The old lady is mentally uneasy. She went to Pehar with her granddaughter, when she saw the weather cold in the morning, she left on foot, she did not have a water bottle. The girl died due to dehydration due to high heat and humidity during the day. The old man’s life was saved due to light rain. – Prakash Chandra Agrawal, Sub-Divisional Officer, Raniwada

Police officials saved the old lady

Police officer helping the old lady

After seeing Anjali dying in front of her eyes, the hope of living for Sukhidevi too was over. Meanwhile, after 9 hours on the information of a shepherd, the police reached at 5 pm on Sunday and got water. After that the treatment could be found. Shortcut path chosen Due to the lockdown, there is no means of commuting right now. Sukhidevi chose a shortcut route of 15 km to reach Dungri, 22 km from Raipur.

Deserted area

The path through which both of them came out is a deserted area with sandy banks. On the other hand is the hilly region of Sundha Mata. There is no agriculture, no road, and no one else to come and go. 45 degree heat Both the journeys started at 8 o’clock in the morning, but by the afternoon, in the heat of 45 degrees, the sky and sandy earth started spewing fire. After walking 7 km till one o’clock in the afternoon, both of them fell down.

there was no water with them. Before going on foot on such a long journey, there was no water with you. Drink water for the last time at 8 in the morning. Probably both had not even eaten food. neither shade nor shelter In this deserted area, there was no shade to escape from the scorching heat. There were few bushes which were not fit for shade. During the 7 km journey, there was no water arrangement anywhere within 5 km radius.

Water was a kilometer away

Had both of them walked one kilometer further from the spot, perhaps both of their lives would have been saved. Because there are agricultural wells one km ahead and about two km away the dispersed population could have helped

Anjali was left with her widowed grandmother four months ago. Granddaughter Anjali was left by her mother four months ago with her widowed grandmother. He has got married. Two elder brothers live in Raniwada Khurd with the former father. Anjali has been living with her grandmother since then. Please tell that Nani Sukhidevi also lives in her Pihar Raipur (Sirohi). For occasional care at in-laws’ Dungri (Jalore).

Image from the incident

Dungri had come the day before too. Anjali died in agony, the distraught grandmother became unconscious seeing this. Sukhidevi, distraught with thirst, continued to show herself strong, but the innocent Anjali was suffering from thirst. She was repeatedly asking for water, but what if the helpless happy goddess would do it? Sukhidevi, who had made the mistake of bringing the innocent along in this formidable journey, did not even bring water with her.

Anjali died in front of her eyes trembling with thirst. Seeing this Sukhidevi became indifferent. According to doctors, if the rescue was not done one to one and a half hours ago, Sukhidevi would also have died. According to the doctors, the old lady had asked for water from a shepherd, but he did not drink it.

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