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No onions in a Kachori triggers a women, overturns street vendors cart, and slap him !

Nov 7, 2021

A video has gone viral on social media where lack of onions in her plate of khasta kachori, a deep fried delicacy and popular street food, triggered this woman enough to overturn the hawker’s cart as well as physically assault him.

In the video one can see the woman asking for onions for her kachori and the hawker saying how he has run out of onions. The street food vendor then asked her to pay for the kachori she ate, but she refused to pay because there were no onions. After eating the kachori she said that she will not pay up because the street food vendor had nothing on him.

“Why did it get over? You should have kept it,” she yells at the street food vendor and asserts again how she will not pay up. Soon people gathered around her and asked her to pay up the poor vendor. Soon, when people continued to ask her to pay up, she kicked the cart and overturned it, thereby spilling all the food the vendor had on him.

Later when she was asked to pay up for the loss, she threatened to slap the street food vendor and later even slapped him.

It is not yet clear where the video was shot and whether it was scripted or genuine

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