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Netizens trend #SaveBangladeshiHindus on Twitter, Koo, hold protest even on grounds

Oct 21, 2021

On October 21, netizens across borders raised voice against the atrocities Bangladeshi Hindus have faced in the last few days. The hashtag #SaveBangladeshiHindus was trending on Twitter and Koo for several hours. The hashtag was specifically aimed to highlight the attacks on Hindus that started after a Quran was found in a Durga Puja Pandal. Muslim mobs attacked Hindu temples, puja pandals, houses and businesses for over five days across Bangladesh, alleging sacrilege of their holy book.

Twitter User Anonymous Sanantani said, “Bangladesh: Islamic extremists vandalise multiple Durga Puja pandals, three Hindus reported dead #SaveBangladeshiHindus.

ABVP’s Anurag Gautam said, “Being a Hindu in Majority Islamic state like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan is in itself a crime, this is their secularism and in India, they have all rights still abuse Hindus. Hypocrites killing Innocent Hindus in Bangladesh.”

Nikunj Batra said, “25yr old Shri Krishna devotee Partha Das brutally murdered by peaceful mob in Bangladesh Any Human right activist raising their voice against this brutal incident? Does Hindu life really matter?”

Pointing out the attack on ISKCON temple, Twitter user wokeuphindu said, “We served Food they served blood.”

Poet Kavi Kamal Agney said, “Vandalism and riots during Durga Pooja in Bangaladesh is a fresh example of violence against Hindu Community. Such attacks have continued for decades be it in India, Pakistan or else.” He urged PM Modi to intervene and save Hindus.

ABVP’s Ankitaa Biswas said, “To restore the tyrannical Caliphate of Ottoman Empire, Muslims in  India launched Khilafat Movement. Hindus across the globe must unify to #SaveBangladeshiHindus & their basic ‘Right To Life’ with dignity at the ongoing Hindu Genocide(Not the 1st but must be the last) in Bangladesh.”

Apart from the netizens, on-ground protests have also been happening in India and other countries. A couple of days back, UK Councillor Pushpita Gupta sat on a hunger strike.

A protest was organised against the attacks outside the Finnish Parliament as Finland heads The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. In a video of the event, a woman was heard saying that Bangladesh needs to save minorities. “Hindu Lives Matter,” she added.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Nepal chapter also staged protests against the attacks

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