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Muslim Shop owner rejects to sell earphones to Girl as she “Wore Jeans Pant” Threatened her to wear Burqa!

Nov 1, 2021

An Indian Muslim woman was expelled from Muslim shop for wearing jeans pants instead of a burqa.

The owner of the Muslim shop has expelled the women from the store for allegedly wearing jeans. The shop owner asked her why she didn’t wear a burqa and why she was wearing jeans?

A 22-year-old woman has gone to an electronics store in Biswanath Chariyali, Assam . She went to a nearby Electronic store to buy an earphone. But the owner of the electronics Nurul Amin, refused to sell her the earphone.

The owner said “Why aren’t you wearing a Jeans Pant and not a Burqa? She was inappropriately questioned for wearing jeans and pants. Also, the shop owner threatened her to wear a burqa.

After the incident, the young woman’s father visited the electronics store to question the behavior of the shop owner. Rafiqul Islam, son of Nurul, the owner of the shop, however, was found to have treated the Muslim girls father inhumanly.

The father of the girl and the victim have lodged a complaint at the local police station. Biswanath police have arrested the accused Noorul Amin and his son Rafiqul

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