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Muslim Govt official in Tamil Nadu forces Hindu staff to work even on Deepawali..!

Nov 8, 2021

A Muslim official named Jehangir Badsha who is Assistant Commissioner of the Palayamkottai zone of Tirunelveli Corporation in Tamil Nadu forced his predominately Hindu staff to attend office on Diwali day has upset the Hindus in that area.

Badsha is known as a Muslim fanatic with a Taliban mindset and on the day of Diwali, he deliberately forced the employees to report for duty knowing it was a public holiday so it will stop Hindus from celebrating Diwali with their families. 

Already there are many cases in Tamil Nadu wherein areas of Muslim majority are enforcing Shariat rule and are denying permission to celebrate temple festivals, Hindu religious processions and restrictions on Hindu festivals have become quite common in Tamil Nadu. 

Under the DMK rule, such behaviour is now actively supported with the blessings of the state government. In fact, on November 4, as Hindus across the world celebrated Deepavali marking the triumph of good over evil, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin did not wish Hindus to prove his anti-Hindu credential and that of his party, the DMK

Things are now so bad that there are many places in Tamil Nadu that are called mini Pakistan.

As per a report published in the Organiser, Tirunelveli district Hindu Munnani general secretary Brahmanayagam rushed to the Palayamkottai Zone, where they saw employees of the Hindu community, who were forced to attend office on Diwali day.

After a complaint was raised to the police, who came to the zonal office and asked the staff to go home to celebrate Diwali.

The number of cases of bigotry against Hindus in the state is now on the rise. Recently, two parents were forced to take off their wards from a Christian run school in Kancheepuram after the Anderson school teacher Joyson objected to their wearing a Rudraksha mala ( Holy beads, a sacred seed) around their neck.

The kids were scolded by the teachers in the open classroom for wearing Rudraksha and said only rowdy elements wear it and the students were also allegedly beaten up by the teacher when they came the next day wearing the mala.

However, the parents stood firm and the video of the parents seeking a Transfer certificate from the school went viral which the school tried to downplay by claiming they did not do the homework and class works

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