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Miscreants forcefully occupy Hindu Temple tank in Erode, consume alcohol and meat inside the temple

Nov 24, 2021

The Mathala Kombu Vinayagar temple near Palayam in Erode district, Tamil Nadu and the perennially filled tank of the temple are highly revered and worshipped by the locals.

Local Hindus, especially those who have adorned Sabarimala Mala take ablutions at the tank.

Yesterday, approximately 20 youth, allegedly belonging to a different religion,  have trespassed into the premises of the tank, and have consumed alcohol along with non-vegetarian food by occupying the area.

This act has hurt the sentiments of devout devotees of the temple. A video of one of the young men speaking vulgarly at a local who questioned their actions, has gone viral on social media.

In the video, some of the men can be seen having long beard. One man can be heard calling another man named Ali. Another man mockingly asks the man to take video and adds that he can do nothing to them.

Watch the video here

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