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Kasaragod; Student named Mohamad Sanad pulls women principal sari off, waylays her, Muslim Student Federation (MSF) supports the accused, and accuses the principal

Nov 20, 2021

KASARAGOD: The bad blood between a section of students and the principal-in-charge of Kasaragod Government College spilled out of the campus with the two sides filing police complaints against each other.

The police acted on principal Dr M Rema’s complaint by registering a non-bailable case against Mohammed Sanad (19), a second-year BA Economics student. He had earlier accused Dr Rema of humiliating him by forcing him to fall at her feet and apologise for threatening her.

Jabir Shibin — a computer science student and president of the Muslim Students’ Federation (MSF) in the college — has also filed a police complaint against the principal alleging she used to humiliate him by publicly mocking his short height.

The police have taken the statement of the principal on the two complaints but have not yet filed an FIR.
On the contrary, the principal-in-charge has accused Sanad of waylaying her, pulling off her sari, and attempting to slap her face on October 15.

She alleged that Sanad turned violent when she pulled him up for not wearing a mask on the campus. Town police inspector Ajith Kumar said police had gone to the campus that day but she did not press charges against the student then.

The principal filed her complaint on Thursday and the Vanitha Police charged Sanad with using criminal force to outrage her modesty (Section 354 of the IPC) and using criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging her duty (Section 353 of the IPC).

The two sections are non-bailable offences and if convicted, Sanad may face up to two years in jail. The principal said she filed the complaint against Sanad now because the MSF held a press conference and ran a fake campaign against her.

“The MSF said I forced him to fall at my feet when the reality was he did it on his own. If I had forced a student to fall at my feet, why did it now go public or go on strike then? The fact is MSF used Sanad for its political gain,” said Dr Rema.

Sanad said the charges against him were trumped up. “If I had pulled her sari, she would not have waited for a month to press charges against me,” he said. He said that the press conference was held by the MSF but the principal chose to punish him.

However, he reiterated his allegation that on October 18, the principal forced him to hold her feet with both hands and apologise thrice if she had to not report him to the police. “When I apologised once, she made me do it thrice in front of my friends,” he said.

His friends took a photograph of it. The MSF made the photograph public on Wednesday.

Kasaragod Government College principal-in-charge Dr Rema M said that she filed the criminal complainst against the student because the Muslim Students Federation (MSF) defamed her by falsely alleging she forced the student to fall at her feet

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