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Karnataka; Another Hindu man assaulted for travelling with Muslim women, Shocking!!

Oct 20, 2021

Another case of brutality against Hindus in Raibag Karnataka has come to light where a mob attacked a Hindu man for travelling with a Muslim woman in an auto. According to reports, the mob arrived after the auto driver objected to the woman for travelling with a Hindu man. The mob also looted Rs.50,000 worth of cash including mobile phones, Aadhaar and ATM cards.

Police have arrested the main accused, the auto driver, for assaulting the Hindu man in the case and booked 25 other people involved in the attack. Most of the accused were also auto drivers.

The woman in her complaint to the Malamaruti police said, “We hired an autorickshaw to reach a park to discuss the loan. The auto driver objected to her being with a man from a different faith. He drove us to a secluded place at Amannagar. On the way, four others boarded the auto. A while later 10 to 15 people arrived on bikes. They assaulted my friend with wooden logs and sharp weapons. They also snatched his mobile phone, Rs 50,000 cash, Aadhaar and ATM cards,”

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