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#IStandWithAnshulSaxena trends on Twitter, Anshul Saxena says Strong Missionary ecosystem are targeting him

Sep 11, 2021
Image of Anshul saxena and the boy. Image courtesy Twitter & Opindia

The popular activist Anshul Saxena started trending on the microblogging site in the wee hours of Saturday, September 11. Social media users pointed out how Saxena was being targeted by the missionary for flagging off the issue of a minor boy being used for conversion activities by a Christian Pastor named Prophet Bajinder.

#IStandWithAnshulSaxena trends on Twitter

After #IStandWithAnshulSaxena started trending on Twitter, activist Anshul Saxena issued a statement about the case related to Missionary and Pastor Bajinder Singh. Thanking people for showering him with immense support, Saxena said that he was being targeted by the powerful missionary ecosystem for flagging the issue.

It may be noted that both Saxena and NCPCR had sought probe and action against the Christian pastor for use of a minor boy in his proselyting activities, and they had considered the child a victim. Saxena had forwarded the now infamous ‘Mera Yeshu Yeshu’ video to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). NCPCR had, in turn, written to the Deputy Commissioner of Chandigarh seeking action against a Christian Pastor for using a minor boy for conversion activities.

Releasing a statement on the episode, Anshul Saxena outlined the timeline of events that preceded a counter FIR being filed against Anshul Saxena on behalf of the minor boy, presumably at the instance of the pastor as a defence mechanism.

He wrote that he checked the video that the minor boy’s mother had released. According to him, the tape included at least six cuts, indicating that the mother was being pressured to say whatever she did.

Anshul Saxena claims that he is now being targeted by the missionary, which may pursue a legal case against him.

Screen shot of statement released by Anshul Saxena

OpIndia reported yesterday (September 10) how the mother of the minor boy had come forward to claim that the video of the event is being misused to defame the family.

Screen Shot of the statement released by Anshul Saxena

The woman said that she demands strict action against Anshul Saxena, adding that she is giving the statement on her own, without any pressure from anyone. She also demonstrated that her daughter can speak now by asking to pronounce some words, which she does. She also asked her son what had happened, and he replies that he had cried in happiness after his sister started to speak.

Although the woman said that she is issuing the statement on her own, it is evident that the pastor is behind the video. When the action was sought against the pastor considering the boy as the victim, there was no need for her to come up against the complainant seeking strong action. According to claims made on social media, a counter FIR has already been filed against Anshul Saxena on behalf of the minor boy, presumably at the instance of the pastor as a defence mechanism.

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