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Israel Air Strikes on Al Jalaa which housed Al Jazeera AP, other office’s.

May 15, 2021

A short time after issuing a warning that it will bomb the Al Jalaa building that house Al Jazeera and other international media outlets in Gaza city, Israel has attacked and demolished the sky-rise. Israel Air Force had raised warning before rocketing the building. The building was destroyed a hour later it was warned. However the skyscraper was house to Al Jazeera.

Earlier today, the owner of a Gaza high-rise building where the offices of the AP, Al Jazeera and other media outlets are located, reportedly said that he received a call from Israel’s military, who warned him that his building will be targeted by an airstrike.

Tensions between Israel and Palestine escalates after Hamas launches aerial rockets at the Jewish nation

Hostilities between Israel and its nemesis Hamas is at an all-time high, especially after the intense aerial exchanges that started on Tuesday evening and continued well past midnight. On Tuesday, Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas unleashed massive airstrikes against Israel, firing hundreds of rockets inside the country. The country’s air defence system, popularly known as Iron Dome, intercepted the continuous barrage of rockets targeting Tel Aviv and central Israel.

Israel, in response, stepped up its attacks on the Palestinian terror group Hamas inside Gaza Strip. The Israel Defence Forces carried out airstrikes on targets in Gaza in response to continued attacks by Hamas against Israel. During the retaliatory strikes on Tuesday, an Israeli airstrike struck a high-rise office and residential building controlled by Hamas.

Earlier yesterday, Israel attacked and destroyed the underground network of the tunnel, dubbed as the “Metro” that was used by Hamas for deploying terrorists and smuggling weapons.

Rocket which dropped in Israel

This is the scene in a neighbourhood in Ramat Gan after a rocket from Gaza struck the area. We will not let this terror go unanswered. A rocket had dropped in Israel and the Israel Defense told that it won’t go in vain

(This article is unedited and from Opindia.com)

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