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Idols and Shiv Linga of an Ancient Temple destroyed in Karnataka

Sep 13, 2021

Idols and Shiv Linga of an ancient Shiva temple in an dense forest of Harnoda village was destroyed by robbers.

Shiv Linga and Idols in the temple destroyed by the robbers. Image courtesy PublivTV

An incident has taken place in the Harnoda village of Halilaya in the Uttara Kannada district. Where Idols and Shiv Linga were destroyed of an ancient Shiva temple.

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Local people came to know now that the incident took place, and local BJP leader Sudhakar Reddy arrived at the venue. The concerned department has also been informed. The Archaeological Survey of India has sought to study the temples of the area and to preserve the history of the place.

The temple is ancient and has a beautiful stone carving and the linga of Lord Shiva. The entire temple is built of stone. Since the temple is located in the dense forest, there is not much traffic in the area. The treasure thieves who took advantage of it have dismantled the Ishwar Linga Peeda and dug in the bottom. Ishwar has hurt the lingam and the sex is two-fold. Some of the statues have been damaged

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