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Hindus threatened in Leicester by Islamic mob: 50 homes vandalised, girls’ ill-treated, temple vandalised & youths attacked with knife

Sep 19, 2022
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Insider news from the Leicester

Fifteen people were arrested in East Leicester on Sunday as a clash erupted when groups of young men began an unplanned protest, the Leicestershire Police said in a statement.

A Twitter update by the Leicestershire Police said: “A policing operation to deter further disorder continued in the East Leicester on Sunday, September 18. It was supported from resources from a number of neighbouring police forces, including the mounted police unit…”

This comes after various videos and reports have been circulating on social media about Pakistani organized gangs vandalising and terrorising Hindus in the UK’s Leicester City, the ANI reported.

We have got the inside story of the Hindu-Muslim clash, in which the role of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, and Pakistan Consulate is under the scanner.


According to sources, the clashes began on August 28 when a Muslim restaurant in Leicester served a burger on an Indian flag before the final result of the first Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan. This created tension between groups from India and Pakistan.

India won the match and the Indian side celebrated with flags and crackers with permission from the local administration. The local Imam, however, said they were creating trouble, said sources.


On September 4, Pakistan won the match and the Pakistani side created a ruckus by bringing almost 10,000 youth from Birmingham, said sources.

According to sources, among the many incidents of violence, a Hindu home celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi was attacked and eggs were thrown into the house. An attempt to knife a young Hindu male was recorded and his aunt was punched in the nose when she came to save him.

The group assembled in a stadium and gave a call that Islam is in danger, said sources. Some youths also removed a flag of a local Hanuman temple, said sources.

The attacks continued into the third day, when scores of Muslim youth went on a rampage, vandalizing homes of at least 50 residents and several cars, said sources. The homes, identified with the help of symbols such as Om, Shubh Labh and Ganesh pictures, were targeted, said sources.

In another incident, a man used foul language at a group of 16-year-old Hindu girls doing Garba (a dance done on Navratri dedicated to honour Mother Goddess), said sources.


After the reports of the clash on Saturday night, the Leicestershire Police Temporary Chief Constable Rob Nixon, in a video message shared on the Twitter handle, said, “We have had numerous reports of disorder on the streets of Leicester tonight, Saturday, September 17. We have got officers there, we are taking control of the situation, there are additional officers en route and dispersal powers, stop search powers, have been authorised. Please do not get involved. We are calling for calm.”

The London police has increased vigil. The commissioner of police has been asked to meet Baroness Verma and control street crime.

With ANI inputs

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