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Hindu man assaulted for giving lift to Muslim women in Bengaluru !!

Sep 19, 2021
A zomato delivery boy assaulted as he was Hindu and had given lift to Muslim

After Telangana, an undated video from Bengaluru is making rounds on social media platforms in which a Muslim mob stopped a Hindu man who was riding a bike with a Muslim woman. In the video shared by an account named Hate Patrol Squad on Twitter, the men in the mob were seen threatening the Hindu man and asked not to ride with a Mulsim woman again. The Muslim woman was forced to give out her family’s phone number and ridiculed for riding with a Hindu man.

When the Hindu man revealed his identity, the Muslim man slapped him repeatedly and said, “If I see you roaming around with Muslim women, I will f**k you.” He then asked the name of the woman, and when she told her name, the man said, “Are you not ashamed of riding with a Hindu man? Don’t you know what kind of situation it is these days? We are requesting you all not to go out with these motherf**ers, but you still are riding with him sitting like this on the bike. We are not concerned about you. We are concerned about the burqa. What will people say after seeing a woman in burqa riding like this?”

The woman tried to defend herself, but the man continued and said, “What was so important that you have to ride with him? Give me your family’s number.” The woman called and informed someone at her house that she had been stopped for riding with a Hindu man. It was revealed that the woman was married, and then the men asked for her husband’s number. The Muslim men again hit the Hindu man riding the bike and asked the woman to get off the bike.

She asked him what the problem with him was, but he kept on asking for her husband’s number. She gave a number to the man shouting at her to call. The man called the number and started ridiculing her husband for letting his wife ride with another man. He said, “Because of impotence like you, the whole community is getting ridiculed. Are you not ashamed of your actions?” The man asked her husband for the address, but it seems he refused to reveal it. He then shouted at him again for letting his wife to ride with a Hindu and said, “don’t you know their intentions? Don’t argue with me.” He then forced the woman to travel in auto and said, “No one is talking about you. We are concerned about the burqa.

2 accused arrested

Responding to the video being shared on Social Media, Karanataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai informed that two accused persons have been arrested in the case. He said that Bengaluru City Police acted swiftly in the case of assault on a bike rider travelling along with a woman of a different faith. He tweeted that a case has been registered and legal action has been initiated against the accused.

The CM added that his govt deals with such incidents with an iron hand.

Similar incidents were reported in Telangana

Recently several such incidents were reported in Telangana where Muslim men stopped Muslim women who were riding with Hindu men. They were not only ridiculed in public, but the Hindu men were also brutally beaten up. In one case, a Hindu Dalit man was allegedly kidnapped by a group of Muslim men for riding with a Muslim woman and beaten up. He was released later when local RSS leaders intervened. The Hindu man got so scared that it took him two days to gather the courage to file a case. It was only after his brother and local leaders supported him that he was able to file a case against the Muslim men who had kidnapped him.

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