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Hindu Dalit Student Prajwal assaulted by mob of Muslim students for wearing Saffron Shawl to college in Kodagu’s Kushalnagra

Feb 10, 2022

A Hindu Student in Kodagu District Kushalnagra was assaulted in Hostel for Wearing Saffron shawl to the college. As per information nearly 4-7 Muslim students had assaulted the student in the Hostel for Wearing Saffron Shawl to college. But only One named Razak has been interrogate as per initial reports.

The student was attacked by his hostel friends for wearing saffron. The incident where a student tried to commit suicide in Kodagu district occurred after being assaulted by his Muslim Friends.

The student’s name who attempted Suicide is Anthony Prajwal, He is attending Government Polytechnic College in Kushalnagar. Antony was wearing a saffron shackle to college and was assaulted his hostel friends after he returned to hostel . Seven persons had assaulted him but only one man was interrogated in connection with the case.

He was so upset that he did not get justice that he tried to commit suicide. Then some of his friends were informed about him on phone. Anthony was rushed to the hospital by friends.

He was treated at Kushalanagar Government Hospital. The case is being investigated by Kushalanagar police.

In the hostel there is fear and anxiety from the alien comrade. Allegations of discrimination and intimidation have now been heard from Warden.

What is the case ?

Anthony Prajwal, a student of Kushalanagar Diploma College, yesterday had wore a saffron shawls to college. There a Muslim girl student asked him Why are you Wearing saffron?

The girl was angry about him Wearing saffron but while she was wearing Burqa, the girl student made a video of him to oppose him on the social networking site. It is said that the Muslim friends of Antony Prajwal’s hostel had gotten annoyed when he went to the hostel. The Muslim mob of Students then assaulted him. As he didn’t get Justice he tried to commit suicide.

Anthony Prajwal after the incident called the leaders of the Hindu organizations. Thus, the leaders of the Hindu organizations came to the hostel . They have saved his life from the Radical Islamic students.

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