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Heartbreaking video 😭, Ukrainian Father Daughter cry as they bid each other goodbye amid War ! #RussiaUkrainewar

Feb 25, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, after weeks and weeks of build-up, launched an unwarranted and needless attack o Ukraine to invade the territory, the consequences of which can be best seen in the eyes of those who have to relocate leaving their homes and families behind.

One such heartbreaking moment was caught in a video, where a father, who had to stay back home to defend the borders of his country bidden goodbye to his little girl unaware if he will ever see her face again.

The clip has now gone viral on the internet and will undoubtedly leave you teary-eyed by the end of it. Watch for yourself!

In the short clip, a Ukrainian father can be crying as he sent off his daughter to a safe space. He then explains something to his girls and breaks down as he hugs his daughter while she is being taken away to a bomb shelter. The daughter cries inconsolably in her father’s arm.

This gut-wrenching moment, which is just one of a hundred such painful episodes, is a consequence of the so-called self retaliatory war on Ukraine by Russia.

As expected, Putin has used a lethal combination of attacks, including cyberattacks, missile and artillery strikes, airborne assaults and other means to try to disrupt Ukrainian commanders’ ability to direct a cohesive defence. He appeared to be laying the groundwork for an intensifying assault.

The exact number of casualties on both sides remain unclear, however, the Ukrainian defence ministry claims it has inflicted 800 casualties among Russian forces.

Earlier today, a Russian rocket attack injured 3 in a residential building.

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