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GT vs RCB:RCB fans wish for Shubham Gill’s death abuses his sister Shahneel Gill on Instagram

May 22, 2023

Hours after Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) was eliminated from the playoffs of the 2023 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), fans of the franchise went on to issue death threats to cricketer Shubman Gill and his sister.

RCB was defeated by Gujarat Titans (GT) during a closely-contested match, played at the Chinnaswamy Stadium on Sunday (May 21). Despite a stellar performance from Virat Kohli, GI was able to outshine his side due to a 104-run knock by Shubman Gill in just 52 balls.

Some fans of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, who were dejected by the outcome of the match, lost their cool and went on to abuse Gill and his sister on social media. Many of them also went on to issue death and rape threats.

One Twitter user (@VamosVirat) posted a picture of a burnt car and wished that it was the vehicle driven by Shubman Gill. “With no one outside to put him into hospital,” he added.

Screengrab of the tweet

Another RCB fan wished physical harm on the young cricketer and labelled his sister Shahneel Gill as a ‘transgender’. “…From this day, remember, everything wrong that happens in your life will be because I prayed for it…” he cursed.

Screengrab of the tweet

Another Twitter user (@gayle_vishnu) openly wished for the death of Shubman Gill on the micro-blogging platform. The RCB ‘fan’ also said that he did not care if his ID was suspended.

Screengrab of the tweet

Another Royal Challengers Bangalore fan posted the link of Shahneel Gill in the hopes of unleashing his troll army against her.

Screengrab of the tweet

As expected, her posts on Instagram were flooded with hate comments, ranging from remarks about her sexual orientation to prayers for her brother’s death.

Screengrab of the Instagram post of Shahneel Gill

The Virat Kohli ‘fan’ who earlier wished death on Shubman Gill, dubbed Shahneel as a ‘prostitute’ and called for her sale online for ₹9.

Screengrab of the tweet

Shubman Gill was also abused with the choicest of expletives by RCB fans on Instagram. He was accused of scoring a century to impress his girlfriend and thereby ruining the chances of Virat Kohli’s team.

Screengrab of the comments
Screengrab of the comments

This is not the first time that supporters of Virat Kohli have resorted to such behaviour. Earlier, they wished death upon Mumbai Indians (MI) captain Rohit Sharma and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper MS Dhoni.

With RCB eliminated from this year’s IPL, four teams have qualified for the Playoffs. They include Gujarat Titans, Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and Lucknow Super Giants.

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