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“Free Laptop for students ” Messages being circulated on social media are fake

Nov 9, 2021

New Delhi, : A WhatsApp message claiming that free laptop are being given to everyone is going viral on the messaging app.

The message further claims that the free distribution of these laptops are being done under the Pradhan Mantri Free Laptop Vitran Yojana (Prime Minister’s Free Laptop Distribution Scheme). It also shares a link to ‘book’ the laptop under the aforementioned scheme. The message is being widely shared and circulated on the social messaging app.

Debunking the false information, a fact check underaken by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) has found out that the claim made in the viral message is fake. The Bureau has advised to beware and not share or forward such messages. PIB has also advised people to not share their personal information on such links or websites

The government and its various agencies have time and again cautioned the people against such fraudulent claims being made regarding central and state government schemes. People are advised to rely only on official notification from competent government authorities and verified sources for any such information about government-run schemes to avoid falling for such fraudulent attempts.

Fact check

Claim :

Free laptops are being given to everyone under Pradhan Mantri Free Laptop Vitran Scheme.

Conclusion :

The claim is fake.

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