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Disha Patani says to “Be Kind to Animals” On Diwali well she forgot her love for Chicken and Mutton though

Nov 4, 2021

Actress Disha Patani on Thursday wished people a ‘Happy Diwali’ and advised them to be kind to animals. Along with the message, a video of herself delivering kicks was also attached although it is not clear what the video has to do with the message itself.

People on social media were not pleased with the sermons during Diwali, as ‘being kind to animals’ is a trope that is used generously in anti-cracker campaigns. They reminded her of the fact she consumes chicken and mutton, which requires animals to be killed.

It has been reported widely in the media that the actress loves chicken and mutton. Disha Patani was also mocked online for the Diwali sermons.

Others said today is not Eid

A video has also resurfaced on social media where Disha Patani can be seen eating chicken with Aditya Kapoor

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