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Crazy shit things told in Dismantling Global Hindutva, which you must know

Sep 12, 2021
Courtesy Russia Today

The panelists at the ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ conference have revealed that it’s not a political ideology that they are against, it’s Hinduism which they are trying to destroy. On Friday, one panelist confirmed that they don’t really see a difference between Hindutva and Hinduism. And since then, numerous other statements have been made confirming their animosity towards the religion.

Here, we shall take a glance at the numerous ridiculous and asinine comments that were made at the conference.

‘Hindutva is inseparable from Hinduism’

One of the panelists at the event, Akanksha Mehta, again confirmed that the goal of the conference is destroying Hinduism. She says that “arguments that Hindutva is not Hinduism are deeply dangerous” and it will “not lead us to the future we want.

Another gem: BJP’s outreach towards Hijdas is harmful for Muslims

One of the great pearls of wisdom to have been delivered at the Dismantling Global Hindutva conference is that the BJP’s outreach towards Hijdas, members of the LGBT community, is dangerous for Muslims.

A panelist said that there are “increasing alliances between Hindutva politics and hijra and trans politics, which is yet another sign of Hindtuva’s ability to make forays into marginalized communities.”

It was also claimed that “Hijras alliances with the BJP leaders result in increased hostility against Muslim hijras”.

The panelist makes it appear as if the ruling party accommodating the LGBT community in society and attempting their integration is a bad thing. Liberals argue all the time for greater representation of the LGBT community but when Hindutva groups reach out to them, then liberals claim it is dangerous.

It is as if Hindutva groups could do nothing at all to get into their good books. And after all this time, it is certain that is indeed the case.

‘Alliance between Hindutva women and Zionist women’

The panelists at the event also appear to suffer under the delusion that there is some conspiracy underway between ‘Zionist women’ and ‘Hindutva women’.

One panelist said, “Hindutva women invite Zionist women to their conferences, there is active material exchange and shared knowledge about surveillance.”

Such ramblings remind one of the Islamist tendency to blame ‘Yahoodi saazish’ (Jewish conspiracy) for everything under the Sun.

Pirated Freud at Dismantling Global Hindutva conference

The stellar set of academics at the Dismantling Global Hindutva conference also boasted of a pirated Freud in their midst. The name of the panelist is yet unclear. The panelist proclaimed that the nation state is “like a huge phallus standing in front of us.”

Brahminism is responsible for Nazism

The panelists made more incendiary comments that make it difficult to comprehend whether it was an academic conference or the gathering of lunatics in an asylum. They claimed that Brahminism is responsible for Nazism.

Adolf Hitler was inspired by notions of racial supremacy based on White supremacist ideals. Even for that, the panelists wish to blame Hindutva for it. It appears that the panelists wish to blame brown people for the genocidal crimes of White Supremacists. It is quite shocking, indeed.

Savarna women

The panelists also claim that ‘Savarna’ women must turn into ‘caste-traitors’ for their political agenda to succeed. It is just a euphemism for their desire to see Upper Caste women engage in marital relationships outside their caste or religion.

Arguing in favour of intercaste marriage is a separate discussion altogether but what the panelists are essentially doing here is engaging in the psychological manipulation of women for the sake of their political agenda.

Needless to say, playing politics over women’s choice to marry who they wish is despicable in its truest sense. What the Dismantling Hindutva conference is essentially arguing is that if women do not marry as per the wishes of its esteemed panelists, then they are fascists. It’s a horrible stance to take and utterly condemnable.\

Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference: A Hinduphobic event

A panelist had said on the first day of the conference, “I take Hindutva as political Hinduism, not a distortion of an older tradition but a continuation of it.” Thus, confirming what was always known, that it is a Hinduphobic event and the arguments that it was only against a political ideology was mere bluff.

The previous track record of the panelists were enough indication of the kind of event it was going to be but comments made during the discussions leave no room for doubt. All images are from Opindia with the content

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