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Congress threats ABP news to not call Shehzad Poonawala on air

May 22, 2021

ABP news channel was blackmailed by Congress that they shouldn’t bring Shehzad Poonawala on air with Congress leaders in the debate. And then Shehzad Poonawala took to Twitter

In a shameful act performed by Congress they had threatened ABP hindi news channel to not call Shehzad Poonawala a political analyst on the show. Earlier on the day Shehzad was called and he was scheduled to be on a debate. The debate was about congress toolkit which was brought into lime light by Sambit Patra of BJP. The show was on air at 5 pm but Shehzad was called and told that he was dropped from the panel.

Shehzad took it to Twitter where he said that earlier he was informed to go on air at 5pm . Later a representative of ABP hindi news called and informed he was dropped. When he asked about it, the representative informed that Congress leaders hailing big posts had threatened them not to take him on air. Shehzad tweeted his audio with the representative of the ABP news and said that this is what Congress do.

In the audio clip it’s clearly heard that the Congress had blackmailed the ABP news channel to drop Shehzad from the panel. Shehzad raised the issue and questioned Congress that they are suppressing the freedom of speech. Shehzad also added that Spineless news Channel like ABP should learn to speak against them.

I have given audio proof above I have given proof that due to Congress blackmail they are dropping me ((Congress has done this many times but now here is proof) Is this Free speech? Tolerance ? I am an anchor presenter & analyst by profession & I fear Congress will hound me even more.

He even told that if anything happens to him the responsibility will be of Congress. He said that they had done with him this in past many times.

Is ABP a part of Congress toolkit?

Shehzad Poonawala image special arrangements Twitter

In the toolkit of Congress exposed earlier by BJP MLA Sambit Patra. It had clearly mentioned that Congress should be in touch with the friendly media. In which the Congress can use them to spread lies and mock Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But being a responsible media ABP news shouldn’t have been doing this.

ABP news had said that due to it’s a Congress toolkit exposing debate they had planned to drop shehzad or else the Congress would not participate. However the statement from ABP has not still came in light.

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