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Case registered on content creators who insulted Shiva

Jun 8, 2021
Image from the video where they are saying that Lord Shiva cut his b**ls

Cyber police has registered a case against the Instagram content creators who said Lord Shiva had castrated himself.

Nowadays it has became common that we see people mocking Hindu gods. Earlier a rapper MC Kode had insulted Hindu gods. Now a content creators have insulted Lord Shiva.

A Instagram content creators named as youek.in had insulted Hindu gods. The channel had released 3 video series . In which they had insulted the Lord’s in Hinduism. The had targeted Lord Shiva in a video where they said that Lord Shiva had castrated himself and then they had merged with Goddess Parvati.

They had a series in which they insulted Hindu Lords. A huge number of people had outraged and the matter was taken to twitter. The people had asked that some action must be taken against them. Cyber police of Hyderabad had said that we have registered a complaint on them. Both of the boy and girl seen in the video belong to hyderabad. The police had registered a case. The boy is named as Chittin and the girl name is Kruthika Gowra. They both are residents of Hyderabad.

BJP MLA Tiger Raja Singh had taken the action and said that both of them are resident of Hyderabad. He had requested immediate action. And cyber Police had registered a case on them.

The team of the content creators had apologized and they said that the video series has been removed from their channel permanently.

Apology issued by Youek.in

While they had said in their video they hadn’t created the video to hurt anyones feeling. But the comments in those video made Hindus to take a action on them. The comments were like Lord Shiva is nothing much more than weed for them.

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