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Breaking News V Muralidharan union minister attacked by TMC goons

May 6, 2021
BJP Union Minister V Muralidharan convoy attacked.

On Thursday when Union minister V Muralidharan was on a visit to West Bengal his convoy was attacked by TMC goons. After the post violence election in West Bengal the Union Minister has visited West Bengal. During the visit of V Muralidharan to West Bengal. Where he was going to meet the injured BJP party workers and their families. His convoy was attacked.

V Muralidharan convoy was attacked by TMC goons in Panchkudi West Midnapore of West Bengal. As V Muralidharan said to India TV whoever I managed to escape unhurt but his car driver and security personals were injured.

The Union minister V Muralidharan tweeted on Twitter saying ” TMC goons attacked my convoy in West Midnapore , broken windows, attacked personal staff. Cutting short my trip. He said it on Twitter.

Reporting to a news channel India TV. V Muraleedharan said that the attack was orchestrated by TMC workers. He said that the incident took place in the presence of police. Adding that the Mamata Banerjee government has turned a blind eye.

“We will file a police complaint ” Says the Union Minister V Muralidharan. He says TMC goons were involved in the attack they attacked the convoy with stones, latti in the presence of Police. He further added that the Police didn’t take any action. My driver even after minor injuries tried to escape us out. And he was successful. Mamta Banerjee has turned a blind eyes towards the crime in West Bengal. Which has rised after her victory.

TMC goons targeting BJP Workers

The saffron party which remains the only opposition in the West Bengal. Is been continued to attack. Just the victory of Mamta Banerjee party TMC in elections the TMC goons had lit fire in BJP office. Just after the victory in her election after two days. 9 BJP party workers were killed in West Bengal. Several workers were injured. And nearly 400 families have left their House’s in Kuch Bihar and went to Assam.

Meanwhile today on Thursday another BJP leader was attacked. Rahul Sinhas car was also attacked.

The Home Ministry has asked the governor of West Bengal. To report on law and order in West Bengal. Particularly on the post election violence West Bengal. PTI reported.

After these reports Home Ministry have came into strict action and formed a four member team. The four members team will perform the fact finding duty on the post poll violence in West Bengal.

Union Minister v Muralidharan has further tweeted that BJP will not be threatened by TMC goons. @BJP4India will not be threatened by Un-Democratic forces. Our fight against perpetrators of violence will continue in Democratic means. Arrived at Debra to meet workers of @BJP4Bengal who have been brutally attacked, whose houses have been destroyed by TMC goons. @RahulSinhaBJP

We could not visit the house of @BJP4Bengal Karyakarta, Biswajit Mahesh, who was killed in the post-poll violence at his village Markundachak. Police advised us not to go after the attack on my convoy at Paanchkuri. Tweeted after the V Muralidharan had reached the affected BJP kaaryakarta.

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