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Breaking News | Seven students killed in Russia,after firing at a school

May 11, 2021

Russia ; At least 8 people dead after a lone teenager open fires in school. Seven students and one teacher has been reported to be killed. The lone teenager had open fired in the school were at least 7 students and one teacher had lost the life. And 16 people are wounded. Out of seven students 4 we’re boys and 3 girls. All are hospitalised were 11 lost their lives.

Two children could be seen leaping from the third floor of the four-storey . School Number 175 to escape as gunshots rang out. In a video filmed by an onlooker that was circulated by Russia ‘s RIA news agency.

School were open firing on students was carried out by teenager

Calling the attack a big tragedy for the whole country. Rustam Minnikhanov, the head of the wider Tatarstan region, said there was no evidence that anyone else had been involved.

Minnikhanov informs the state TV that the ” Terrorist is arrested who is a 19 old boy. He was officially registered as the gun owner.

The boy had named himself has “blood thirsty diety” In social media account.

The boy owns a social media account by a unknown user name where he claimed that he has plans to kill many people before shooting himself. An unconfirmed social media account belonging to the alleged shooter, which was later blocked, contained posts in which he described himself as a bloodthirsty deity and said he planned to kill a “huge number” of people before shooting himself. Reports the reuters.com

The toll of death would still rise. Six students were in grave conditions in hospital RIA informs. Earlier a news was flooded that 11 people were killed but later the clarification of 8 were dead came in front.

We heard the sounds of explosions at the beginning of the second lesson. All the teachers locked the children in the classrooms. The shooting was on the third floor,” says one teacher.

Footage from the school which was under open fire in Kazan of Russia

A corridor inside the school was shown strewn with debris, including smashed glass and broken doors, in unconfirmed video circulated by the Baza media outlet. Another still image showed a body on the floor of a blood-stained classroom.

Other footage showed emergency service vehicles parked outside the school, with people running towards the building.

The alleged gunman was issued a permit for a Hatsan Escort PS shotgun on April 28, Alexander Khinshtein, a lawmaker in the lower house of parliament, wrote on social media.

This was most deadliest attack in a school from past 3 years. Before in 2018 when a student at a college in Russian-annexed Crimea killed 20 people before turning his gun on himself.

Kazan is the capital of the Muslim-majority region of Tatarstan and located around 450 miles (725 km) east of Moscow.

President Vladimir Putin takes the brief and orders actions

Expressing the condolences towards the families of the injured and dead. President Vladimir Putin took brief from Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. And many other ministers and instructed to provide medical assistance to the injured.

Vladimir Putin receives a briefing from Director of the Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov. On the incident and speaks on the phone with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and Minister for Civil Defence. Emergencies and Natural Disaster Relief Yevgeny Zinichev. The President instructed the Government to provide medical and psychological assistance to the injured and other victims of the incident and to provide support to the families of those killed.

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