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Breaking News, Karan Mehra says Nisha demands huge amount

Jun 1, 2021
Famous TV actor Karan Mehra. Image from archives

Yesterday night famous TV actor Karan Mehra was arrested after an alleged complaint by his wife. In the morning Karan Mehra was granted bail. After the bail Karan got in touch with one Aajtak and in an exclusive talks he said that. Nisha is trying to take away my child, and demands huge amount in return for Divorce.

Discussion is going on since last one month as things are not going well between us for some time. So we were thinking that we should separate or what should we do, so we were trying to fix things. Nisha’s brother Rohit Sehtti also came to improve things, Nisha and his brother asked for an alimony amount but that amount was so much that I said that it is not possible for me, the talk about the alumni was also going on last night. Things happened on this, at 10 o’clock in the night, they came to me and said the same about alumni. I again said that it’s not possible for me to give such a huge amount.

Nisha spat on me and misbehaved with my parents – Karan

We were trying hard but it was not looking good so his brother came .He said that you guys should do legal, then I also said that I do legal, after that I came to my room and then I was talking to my mother when Nisha came in and she gave me, my Mother started abusing my father and my brother. She started screaming loudly. Not only this, Nisha spat on me, I told Nisha to go out, then Nisha threatened me, see what I do now, and then she went out and banged her head on the wall and told everyone that Karan did this is.

Nisha’s brother came and raised his hands on me again, Nisha’s brother misbehaved with me. He slapped me and hit me on the chest. I told her brother I have not killed Nisha and you can check this in the camera of the house. But the cameras were already switched off, they started recording all the videos and then they called the police but the police didn’t do anything because they know what the truth is, if you do a false case, the truth will come out. If there is an investigation tomorrow, then the truth will definitely come out.

Karan Mehra says Nisha is trying to take my child away from me!

All this is very surprising for me, if Nisha asks for any amount, then from where will I get it, we were getting divorced but I can not bring so much money, I was doing all this for Kavish, my child, talk well Even though the problem can be solved, my mother and father were also trying, but Nisha left me and I could see that she was trying to take me away from my child. I was in the police station for some time then I went to my friend’s house but what Nisha wanted did not happen to me.

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