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Breaking News Google says Kannada is the Ugliest language

Jun 3, 2021
Image source TV9

Google searches display Kannada as the ugliest language in India people are unhappy with it.

A website name debt consolidation squad had insulated one of the oldest language in India. The website displayed Kannada as the ugliest language in India. Even after mass reports and feedback by the people the website and the search engine displays it.

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As soon as the people got to know about it. The video spread like fire. And people showed their anger on google and Debtconsolidationsqua.com. It’s not the first time some website has insulted the one of the oldest language of India. Earlier we had read in Qura too had did the same. But this time google will have to face the legal circumstances. When the matter was out a organization working for betterment of the language. Said that they will move legally against the search engine.

Google search displays Kannada as ugliest language . Photo owned by us.

With more than 6 crore people using the language in their daily chores. Google has insulted all of them. Along with this they had insulted our sentiment. Kannada being one of the oldest language, the language which was in play even at the time of Ramayan. Was insulted by the search engine. The website after huge reports was taken offline.

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The new IT rules and OTT rules which were brought into action by the centre is the need of the hour.

When the question in goggle search engine was typed on Ugliest language in India. The search engine replied it was Kannada. The reason for Google to display this answer is the article written in the website debtconsolidationsquad.com. when our team tried to reach the website it was down. This action won’t be enough against it. The article writer and the website both must be sued in the court.

6 thoughts on “Breaking News Google says Kannada is the Ugliest language”
  1. Kannada is 2000years old language
    Kannada is the best languages in india that took more than 5 gnana peetha awards
    It is third oldest language after Tamil and Sanskrit

  2. kannada language is the pride language of karnataka……this language has it’s own heritage and presitge….A non karnataka person is unable to adopt this language easily…..it is our pride…and we are very much proud to say we are kannadigas….

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