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Breaking News! Bomb blast in Pakistan’s Gwadar city, 6 Chinese engineers killed

Aug 20, 2021
Representational image from Zee news.

At least six people were killed while 30 reportedly sustained injuries in a bomb blast that happened on Thursday near a procession of Shia Muslims in Pakistan’s eastern Bahawalnagar district.

According to preliminary information, this attack is being told by the Baloch Fighters.

The blast occurred near the Jail road area of the district while many women and children are also among the people injured. Rescue teams, police and security forces had reached the site and shifted the victims to a nearby hospital.

Recently, nine Chinese engineers were killed in an explosion in a bus in the North-Western area of ​​Pakistan. There is fear among Chinese citizens due to this terrorist attack. Images went viral on social media in which Chinese engineers working in Pakistan on CPEC projects were seen carrying AK-47s.

China was horrified by the death of its citizens in Pakistan. It had also sent a team of his for investigation. At the same time, to please his ‘master’, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had assured the safety of all Chinese citizens, but the fear of Chinese workers engaged in the work of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) did not end. They even left their toolkit for their safety and took up weapons like AK-47, yet they could not stay safe.

On Thursday as well, a procession of Shia community was attacked in Bahawan Nagar of Sindh province of Pakistan. In this attack, five people were killed and about 40 people were injured. There was a stampede at the spot after the attack, under the guise of which the attackers fled from there. This is being seen as a side effect of the radical Taliban occupation in Afghanistan.

It may be noted that even though Pakistan is an Islamic country, the Shia, Ahmadi and Qadiani Muslims there have always been targets of fundamentalists. Under the pressure of fundamentalists, the Government of Pakistan has made a law and declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims. At the same time, fundamentalists keep attacking Shia Muslims. When the Shias take out their mourning processions around Muharram, the fundamentalists do not hesitate to attack them. This is a unedited report from Zee news.

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