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Breaking News| BJP office attacked by TMC goons in Aarambagh

May 2, 2021
Image from Aarambagh of West Bengal. Image from the TV9 video.

West Bengal Aarambagh ; As the results are started to be declared TMC have started to celebrate. While Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee have said that she will now continue to work on COVID-19 . As the state conditions are worsening day by day.

Don’t worry about Nandigram, I struggled for Nandigram because I fought a movement. It’s ok. Let the Nandigram people give whatever verdict they want, I accept that. I don’t mind. We won more than 221 seats & BJP has lost the election: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. Mamta Banerjee told in an press conference.

Just after the land slide victory of TMC in West Bengal. The TMC goons have started to threat the BJP karyakartas and have set BJP office on fire. As soon the results started to declare TMC goons set BJP office on fire. It happened in Aarambagh of West Bengal. Where it’s reported that TMC goons attacked BJP’s office in Aarambagh. But the TMC has said it’s not true. They have denied .

Not only In Aarambagh but even in other places they have started the violence. But the media is not allowed for the coverage .

Even in Beleghata BJP karyakartas house has been set on fire by goons. The blood shed battle has started in West Bengal. Many unknown Twitter account are saying that it’s safe if BJP karyakartas leave West Bengal. Many fake accounts says that the 30 percent has won over 70 percent. Be ready to face the goons.

Twitter account which mentions the violence taking place in West Bengal

Journalist Anindya working for TV9 has allegedly said that TMC goons are targeting BJP karyakartas and threatening them. While TMC has denied all the allegations.

Officiall statement by BJP on Aarambagh and other Violence

As West Bengal poll results are being declared, TMC goons are attacking BJP offices & workers. BJP office in Arambagh was set on fire by TMC goons. TMC workers attacked BJP workers in Belaghat, similar incidents happened in Shivpur, Durgapur, Uttar Bardhaman: BJP’s Sambit Patra told in press meet.

Just after the election results these violence have erupted. It’s been from long time in the West Bengal politics the blood shed battle. That’s why Mamta Banerjee had given threats to BJP leaders and TMC karyakartas had also threatened BJP voters. News is erupting that media coverage in the Violence erupted areas is not allowed.

Earlier in the day Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had congratulated the TMC chief Minister on her victory in West Bengal.

Team therightmag.com requests it’s reader to wear mask. Stay safe. Be in home and save lives.

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