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Breaking News| Army man Deepak Singh lynched in Gurudwara

Jul 3, 2021
Image courtesy Samvad News Angency

An Army man was lynched to death by a mob at a Gurudwara in Gurdaspur, Punjab on suspicion of theft in the intervening night between the 1st and 2nd of July. According to reports, the incident occurred at the Gurudwara at Tibri Road in Gurdaspur and the mob was led by the manager of the Guruduwara. The victim has been identified as Deepak Singh.

Deepak Singh was a resident of Lahri Sarmon station Taragarh. He was posted at Arunachal Pradesh and worked for GREF. He was to return home after six months. According to his father, Onkar Singh, he got off at the Amritsar Airport and was traveling to Pathankot by bus.

Deepak Singh mistakenly got off at the Kahnuwan Chowk. According to reports, his father said that Deepak called him late at night and told him that he was beaten on the suspicion of theft. At this time, the call was cut off and subsequently, his phone was switched off. He had gone to the Gurudwara at around 11 pm in the night to drink water.

Reportedly, the Police somehow managed to rescue Deepak from the situation and admitted him to a hospital. However, he passed away there. According to the father, his son was murdered by Gurjeet Singh and Dalbir Singh among others.

Initially, the Police registered a case of negligent homicide following which the family of the deceased and villagers registered their protest by blocking the Pathankot-Amritsar national highway. They kept the dead body of the deceased on the road during their protest.

Ultimately, the Police was forced to register a case of murder against two accused following which the protest was called off. The father claims that the Police is trying to shield those responsible for his son’s death.

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