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Bhopal; Car runs on devotees During Durga Visarjan leaves one dead and many injured

Oct 17, 2021

Disturbing visuals have emerged from Bhopal’s Bajaria Police Station area where a car rammed into devotees during the Durga Puja idol Visarjan

In the video above, one can see a grey i10 is driving at top speed in reverse gear, injuring people. Two people have been injured as per reports. The police has said that the driver will be nabbed soon.

One person has lost his life and six have been injured. Elderly people, women and children were also part of the procession. The incident took place on Saturday late night at 11:15 PM.

This comes just days after devotees at Durga Visarjan procession were crushed under a speeding car in Chhattisgarh leaving at least one person dead. At least 20 people were left injured in the incident. A chilling video of the disturbing incident that has gone viral on the internet showed a speeding car running over an unsuspecting group of people gathered for Durga Idol immersion on Raigad Road in Pathalgaon, Jaspur.

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