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Artillery bomb spot in Rajasthan ‘s Suratgarh

May 16, 2021

Rajasthan Sriganganagar; On Saturday evening a bomb was spot near Indira Gandhi lake. Where a six feet long bomb was spot near 253 RD Ladana’s Canal. In Suratgarh earlier such incidents have been reported. But the question still remains unclear of How did the artillery bomb come there.

It was reported to Suratgad’s Sadar police station when people had spot a bomb. The people reported that it was seen in an Agriculture land. During the locals visited their land they spot a bomb near the Lake. The bomb was spot near Indira Gandhi lake’s 253 Rd Canal. The bomb was spot near the lake in the evening and people were tensed to see such a bomb.

As soon as the police received the call from the villagers. Police official rushed to the place. After reaching the spot the officials digged a hole near the bomb. And then the bomb was safely shifted to hole. Then the police officers informed the same to Army.

Hole were the bomb was shifted safely.

On receiving the information from the Sadar police station the Army’s officers reached the spot and investigated the spot. Sadar stations Head Constable Ram Singh reported a local news source. The following ” On Saturday evening nearly at 4 pm we received a call from local. Who reported that they had seen a bomb. The bomb was spot near the 253 Rd canal of the Indira Gandhi lake. The bomb was 6 feet long as reported by locals and after we had confirmed it. ”

Army to deactivate the bomb

After the local police had reached the spot and dig a hole. Where the bomb was safely shifted. Then the police officer had informed the same to Army officials and they reached the spot. It’s expected that the bomb will be deactivated by the Army officers on Sunday reported the Head Constable Ram Singh.

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