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5 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants arrested in Bangalore, Home minister calls it a threat to national security!

Nov 27, 2021

Five illegal Bangladeshi immigrants were apprehended in Bengaluru on Friday, according to Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra.

The minister described such entrants as a threat to national security and said that the state government was working to identify those who brought them in.

According to official sources, the City Crime Branch, with the assistance of other authorities, tracked down and apprehended the Bangladeshis in the Kadugodi neighbourhood, and a complaint was filed against them under the Foreigners Act.

“Today our CCB have taken five illegal Bangladeshi immigrants into custody…. further investigations are on regarding how they came or were brought in. They were arrested in Bengaluru,” Jnanendra was quoted by PTI in its report.

Speaking to PTI, the Karnataka Minister stated that illegal immigrants pose a threat to national security and are hence being apprehended.

“Our government has taken special caution regarding illegal immigrants. Police have been directed to make a list of illegal immigrants in their police station limits and bring them to our detention centre,” he added.

In response to a query, the Minister stated that, while there have been reports of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants working as labourers in coffee farms and construction workers, “our goal is to terminate the forces that are bringing them in. As a result, our police are conducting an investigation to determine the source.”

The Minister said that the illegal immigrants will be nabbed soon and the government will work forward to obtain information on how many illegal immigrants they have brought in and where they are all residing. “They will then be sent to the detention centre, from where they will be deported,” he further said.

(With inputs from PTI)

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