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1921 Moplah Massacre of Hindus, 16 unknown facts told by J Nandakumar

Sep 25, 2021
Image by Opindia

J Nandakumar, the all-India convenor of Prajna Pravah, an organisation affiliated with the RSS, speaking during a program hosted by the Youtube channel Panchjanya in the centenary year of the infamous Moplah Massacre, a forgotten chapter of Indian history, said that the communist distorians and Islamist history writers who have tried to distort and mispresent Indian history, have also glorified this massacre, depicting it as a freedom struggle.

Congress and the Communist government in Kerala paying pensions to the Moplah rioters: J Nandakumar

Until today, attempts are being made to depict the 1921 brutal Hindu genocide as a freedom struggle. The Congress and the Communist government in Kerala have gone to the extent of hailing the Moplah rioters by giving them the title of ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘martyrs’ and also providing pension to the Jihadist elements who fanned the bloodbath, said Nandakumar, adding that the Communist government has been using taxpayers money to pay pensions to these mass murderers.

The all-India convenor of Prajna Pravah said that on the completion of 100 years of the infamous 1921 Malabar massacre of Hindus by Moplah Muslims, it becomes imperative to understand the historical background of the Hindu genocide carried out by Moplah Muslim fanatics demanding a Caliphate in Malabar.

Pan-Islamic movement that swept the world in the twentieth century has resurfaced

“Many people ask me why I think it’s necessary to dig up the skeletons after 100 years. Firstly, there is a saying that if you do not understand history you are doomed to repeat it, so it is important to understand the historical background of the incident. Secondly, we have seen how fundamentalist, communalist and Islamic terrorist elements have engaged in acts of violence and terrorism throughout the world. The pan-Islamic movement that swept the world in the twentieth century has resurfaced”, said J Nandakumar.

He further added that if one considers the International scenario, the Islamist fundamentalists all over the world have declared Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan as their ‘only hope’ and have used Turkey as the epicentre for spreading terrorism. Many Islamic organisations operating in India like the Popular Front of India (PFI) or the Jamaat-e-Islami or the ones trying to create unrest in Jammu and Kashmir have openly given statements recognising Erdogan as their leader.

Islamists promoting ‘Khilafat 2.0’

He also mentioned how programs to promote ‘Khilafat 2.0’ are being held in higher educational institutions in various places. Many of you must have observed how placards and banners promoting Khilafat 2.0 had appeared during anti-CAA programs and processions organised in various places including Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Delhi etc.

PFI rally in Kerala parades chained people dressed in RSS uniform, depict the Moplah massacre of Hindus

The RSS Pracharak remembers how the Popular Front of India (PFI), an extremist Islamist organization, chose to do a rally in Kerala parading men dressed in RSS uniforms, depict the Moplah massacre of Hindus.

OpIndia, on February 19, 2021, had reported about the incident. The rally was held in Tenhipalam town in Malappuram district of Kerala. The Popular Front of India (PFI) had paraded men dressed in RSS uniforms. The men being paraded were also chained. The audio and visuals from the rally had confirmed a lot of Islamic chanting, including Allahu Akbar, la ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah, and others chanted during the procession.

Islamist fanatics trying to spearhead another incident similar to the 1921 Moplah massacre: J Nandakumar

J Nandakumar revealed how during that procession carried out by PFI in Kerala, one chant which could be heard persistently and loudly was: “humane jo talwar uthaya tha 1921 mein, woh humne samundar mein feka nahi abhi bhi humare haath mein hain”, roughly translated as “the swords we picked up in 1921 was not thrown away in the oceans, it is still in our hands”.

What does this mean? It only goes on to suggest that these Islamist fanatics are trying to spearhead another incident similar to the 1921 Moplah massacre.

Kerala- the epicenter of Jihad

Thirdly, why it becomes important to understand the history of the Moplah riots is that many Islamic fundamentalists are trying to spread all sorts of jihad in the country. From ‘love jihad’ to ‘land jihad’ to ‘food jihad’ to ‘narcotics jihad’, the fanatics are doing everything in their capacity to spread such hate campaigns across the country.

J Nandakumar added how recently Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt of the Pala diocese of the Syro-Malabar Church has stated that young Christian boys and girls of Kerala are being targeted for not just ‘Love Jihad’ but for ‘Narcotics Jihad’ too.

The recruitment into ISIS is also on the rise in our country. Along with this, there is this latest development in Kabul where the Islamic fundamentalists are at the helm of affairs. The RSS activist raised concerns that several analysts have warned that now Pakistan with the tactical support of the Taliban would again try and spread terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

All of the foregoing data were necessary to explain because they are the result of the blunders committed by the Hindu or the nationalist society during the 1921 Moplah Massacre, lamented J Nandakumar. They did not muster the courage to fight back against the Islamist fanatics and the result was that the estimated Hindu deaths of the ethnic cleansing in the Moplah massacre tantamounted to somewhere around 10,000 and it is believed that as many a 100,000 Hindus were forced to leave Kerala in the wake of the riots.

What happened in 1921 has a long history

The so-called Moplah Rebellion or the Khilaf movement, as believed by a lot of people, did not happen suddenly. What happened in 1921 has a long history. Though a lot of cities like Kanpur, Kolkata were affected, Kerala bore the worst brunt of the Khilafat movement’s ill effects.

J Nandakumar asserted that the beginning of Islamic terrorism in Kerala dates back to 1766 when the Islamic tyrant Hyder Ali conquered Mysore. Conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims started during his regime. After Hyder Ali, his son Tipu Sultan carried on the legacy.

Tipu Sultan’s atrocities led to the mass exodus of Hindus from Malabar

Tipu Sultan was one of the most ruthless Islamic invaders in South India. There have been several recorded instances of Tipu’s army forcefully converting, raping and kidnapping Hindus on his orders. Many temples are recorded to have been demolished under his reign. It was under his regime that many Hindus were driven away from Malabar .

Delving into the past, J Nandakumar further informed how mass Hindus exodus from Malabar was carried out. Half the Hindus dwelling in Malabar in Kerala fleed leaving behind all their wealth and property, so that they could save their life and dignity. Mass conversions and murders were carried out. Several Hindu women were brutally raped and assaulted.

Moplah Muslims became landlords by acquiring huge swathes of land and property left behind by the Malabar Hindus

The army of Tipu Sultan, who harboured extreme animosity for the local Hindus and tribals in the area, ruthlessly hacked Hindu men, women and children to death. After killing, the bodies of Hindu men, women and children were dumped in the river. Fearing death, half of the Hindu population flee Malabar, leaving behind an immense expanse of fertile lands. The best quality of teak in the world was cultivated on these large swathes of land which the Hindus just left behind.

Tipu Sultan distributed all these lands in between the Moplah Muslims. The Muslims who then after acquiring such large masses of land, became the zamindars or the landlords and established their supremacy in Malabar and the other Northern parts of Kerala.

Between 1792 to 1921 Malabar witnessed as many as 82 large scale anti-Hindu riots

Then in 1792 Tipu Sultan lost and he had to leave Malabar. During that time, the majority of Hindus who had fled came back and reclaimed their land that was illegally distributed amongst the Moplah Muslims by the Islamic invader. This incident profoundly affected the psyche of the people of Malabar and the rift between Muslims and non-Muslims, especially Hindus began to widen.

After 1792, the spate of communal violence in Malabar increased. From 1792 to 1921 Malabar witnessed as many as 82 large scale anti-Hindu riots. The Hindu genocide in Malabar in 1972 was a continuation of the series of carnage that began in 1792.

Congress purposely ignored the brewing anti-Hindu sentiment to spearhead the Khilafat movement

Here, J Nandakumar remarked that Congress extended its support to the Khilafat movement without trying to grasp its impact. He blamed Congress leaders for dismissing the sensitivity of the circumstance and ignoring the obvious hatred against the Hindu Kafirs thriving in the hearts of the Moplah Muslims.

He said that it was obvious that the Moplah Muslims in Malabar were always ready to attack the Hindus, with or without any reason, still, the congress gave a green signal to the Khilafat movement. The Congress provided the Moplah fanatics with a reason, under the grab of the Khilafat movement, to wreak havoc and indulge in the mass murder of innocent Hindus.

After Congress joined hands with Khilafat leaders Malabar witnessed the first gruesome attack on Hindus

In 1920 an alliance was made between Khilafat leaders and the Indian National Congress and on August 20, 1921, Malabar witnessed the first gruesome attack by the Moplah Muslim community on the innocent Hindus.

The protagonist of this Islamist project, Kunjahammed Haji by spearheading the Khilafat movement, established Al-Daula (Islamic State) where he imposed jizya (religious tax) on the Hindus of his territory.

Congress glorified the Khilafat movement as a part of India’s struggle for Independence

The so-called secularist Congress glorified the Khilafat movement as a part of India’s struggle for Independence, said that RSS Pracharak, adding that the eminent Congress leaders propagated that the Khilafat movement was one where Hindus and Muslims fought together to oust the British, later, due to some distortions, riots occurred. This is what Congress has been proclaiming, but, the reality is far from what Congress wanted people to believe. “It was not started as an Independence struggle”, asserted the piqued RSS activist.

Irrespective of what Congress said, the fact is that it started as a part of a pan Islamic movement.

J Nandakumar goes on to further discuss the intrinsic nature of these particular sets of Moplah fanatics. They are terrorists driven by extremist ideologies, said the RSS Pracharak.

The seeds of the Khilafat movement were sown during World War One

Trying to establish how old and deep-rooted is the hydra of Islamism in India, J Nandakumar informed that on September 1, 1914, Mappila leaders of Malabar assembled at Himayathul Islam Sabha Hall and appealed to the community members to join hands with Britain. Before the First World War, David Lloyd George, British prime minister (1916–22) had given a clarion call asking Muslims to support Britain in World War 1 and in return he had promised to keep the Khilafat, the fight for the Caliph of Islam, alive.

Then the Muslims all over India, especially in Kerala had offered prayers in each mosque for the success of the British.

The British, however, were more cunning. After their victory, they dismantled Turkey’s Ottoman Empire and declared many regions as independent states. They restored Hagia Sophia as a Christian sanctuary.

This led to the birth of the Khilafat movement which was launched by Indian Muslims to support the preserve the authority of the Ottoman Sultan as Caliph of Islam following the breakup of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the war.

What happened at the Thuvoor well that led to 38 Hindus being slaughtered by Muslim fanatics during the Moplah genocide

Taking about what has gone down the history as the Hindu Genocide day, J Nandakumar reminisced how on the black day of 25th of September 1921, on the barren hillside between Thuvoor and Karuvayakandi in North Kerala Chambrassery Imbichi Koithangal, one of the Khilafat leaders, held a rally with over 4,000 of his followers. During this meeting, more than 40 Hindus were caught hold of and taken to him with their hands tied behind their backs. 38 were murdered. 3 of the 38 were shot but the rest were beheaded and thrown in the Thuvoor well.

He added that Annie Besant, who had visited Malabar, chronicled one such act of brutality on a Hindu pregnant woman who was so brutally murdered that her body lay on the street with her stomach hacked open by a sword with the unborn foetus strewn outside the woman’s body. 

To foil the attempt to whitewash the 1921 Moplah massacre the truth should be revealed

J Nandakumar, near the end of the event, discusses how critical it is for the Moplah Massacre, which has been largely forgotten, to be brought to light. He suggested that Hindus come out in large numbers to show their solidarity for the countless Hindus who have been massacred and their descendants who have yet to recover from their losses. The reality behind the so-called Moplah Rebellion must be revealed, as must, the Islamist apologists’ attempt to whitewash the Islamist jihadist Moplahs’ carnage, said J Nandakumar.

It may be noted that while speaking in the same program, the Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath had also slammed that left historians who have been whitewashing the 1921 Malabar genocide of Hindus as a peasant uprising.

This incident serves as a grim reminder of how Jihadi elements have shamed mankind. We must give serious consideration to how India might be liberated from such Jihadist ideology, said Yogi Adityanath.

Even 100 years after the horrific 1921 Moplah massacre, the wounds of one of the bloodiest communal pogroms documented in Indian history remain fresh in the Hindu psyche. OpIndia has published a detailed report on the Moplah genocide of Hindus and 25th September 1921, the day when 38 Hindus were slaughtered and thrown in a well by a Muslim mob demanding a Caliphate in Malabar. The report can be viewed here.

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